Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's Equinox of Treasuries

FAETeam member AJ of Earth Fae Designs, who creates one-of-a-kind fantasy jewelry inspired by fantasy, mythology, and the beauty of the natural world, has collected for our viewing pleasure “A Rainbow of Masks”:
These FAETeam member’s face altering creations are featured in this masquerade ball:
“Leather Bat Mask in Deep Indigo” by Bead Mask
“Pearl and Purple Faerie Queen Leather Mask” by Up from the Ashes
“Romantic Renaissance-Bridal Masquerade Mask MADE TO ORDER" by Bal Masque
Isamar of Isamar’s Jewelry Designs crafts each piece with love and materials such as Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, Mother of Pearl, and Wood.  Her treasury whisks us away on “An Enchanted Path”:
Along the path, this FAETeam member’s enchanted creation was found:
“Faerie Queen Tears Gemstone Bracelet Handmade on Etsy” by FaerieKat
While Lorraine of Trinity Designer Jewellry works with the usual jewelry materials, her exquisite polymer clay jewelry designs steal the spotlight.   This is her “Classy and Fun – Another Etsy…Everything Wonderful in Life (EEWIL) Treasury”:
The following wonderful FAETeam member is featured and is also a member of EWWIL:
“Crochet Pendant With Jewel Tones Mohair Yarn and 40's Antique Pin and Sequins Handmade on Etsy" by Faerie Queen Crochet
Mercedes of DigitalCS creates original printable digital graphics, printable gift tags, tags, labels...scrapbooking, craft paper supply, and DIY, as well as digital collage sheets.  Here is “Cute Halloween”:
This cutiest FAETeam member creation is featured:

“Monarch No.2 Small Butterfly Wings” by Up from the Ashes

Black Cat Crafts specializes in creating vintage style jewelry with a modern flair.  Celebrating when day light and night dark are completely equal is her treasury, “Equinox”:
Shining in this treasury is this featured FAETeam member creation:
“Amber Fairy Circlet Tiara Crown” by Thyme2dream
  Joyce of Gypsyharte is a woman of many talents: from reading Tarot and Palms to wrapping and braiding hair at Renaissance Faires, recycling sweaters, hats and scarves, turning vintage fabric into cat pillows, needle felting purses and dolls, to creating removable hairwrap jewelry.  Here is her treasury, “‘Etsy Promotes Love’ Harvest Moon”:
This FAETeam member’s scrumptious moon is featured:
  “Woodland Copper Moon. Mixed Metal Wire Wrapped Pendant” by Gypsy Moon Art
  Kat (aka FaerieKat) of Faerie Fabulous Finds is a baubles, books and bags kinda gal.  With Halloween approaching, she’s scoping out the “Everyday Hats for the Well-Dressed Witch” of your local coven!
Look at this FAETeam member’s beautiful pointy chapeau!
  “Autumn Blue Hedge Witch Hat Wicked Unique Chic” by Mermaiden Creations
Lucy and Ethel is a party of retro and vintage items—as the banner says, “My gams are on the lam finding vintage treasures”!  Her treasury is a lovely introduction to “Happily Ever After—Etsy Fairy Tales”:
Keeping our heroes from getting too lost is this FAETeam member’s quintessential necessity:
“The Magic Lands Map…Print (Fantasy Cartography)” by Paint and Ink
  Etsy customer, Teretissot, based this gorgeous, bright red treasury on the song, “Lady in Red”:
Looking extremely saucy and sexy is our own Lady in Red FAETeam member:
  “Gothic Gorgeous Witch Hat Elegant Unique Chic” by Mermaiden Creations
  Mai Nili of Fantasy Art & Design likes to illustrate fictitious flashbacks with different mediums and design.  Check out her treasury of “Naughty Mushrooms”:
Our FAETeam is harboring a naughty mushroom or two, too:
  “SALE, 8.5x11 Fantasy Fine Art Print, A Strange Encounter" by Faery Dust Art
Sabina of Floral World loves to make one of a kind or limited edition jewelry and accessories that are expressive, interesting, colorful, romantic and sometimes cheerful, depending on her mood and inspiration.  Her treasury presents the subtle “Pale Memories of the Fall”:
Featured in this shadowy world is this FAETeam member’s creation:
“Sunlit Radiance Crystal Copper Necklace Handmade on Etsy” by FaerieKat
Etsy customer, FairyLynne, loves fairies, writes fairy poems, and has started making some fairy crafts...but none are for sale yet!  Her treasury, “Sweet Fairy Things,” is just…sweet!

Featured in amongst all this sweetness are these sugary FAETeam member’s creations:
  “Flowers in Flight Faerie Queen Earrings Handmade on Etsy” by FaerieKat
“Pensive - fairy fantasy gothic art print by Deanna Bach" by Deanna Bach Art
“Victorian Spring Fairy Ear Cuff” by Thyme2dream
“Woodland Fairy Silk Wrap Skirt OOAK” by Ancient Grove
Sabina returns from one of her other stores, Babinka 1981, with another understated pallet, “Taste the Sweet Almond Dream”:
Featured in this lovely dream is this FAETeam member’s tasty creation:
  “Goddess of the Sea Gift Pearl Bracelet Handmade on Etsy” by FaerieKat


  1. Thanks for featuring my Treasury! Sweet Dreams!

  2. Thank you for mentioning my treasury! I Tweeted and Facebooked this article:) And will mention it in my blog:)

  3. Yay for the fantasy team. Beautiful and inspiring collection Erthfae!