Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moonlight and Fairytales

From the hot and warm colors of Summer to the crisp but fading colors of Autumn, we begin to turn to the cool and blue colors of Winter, the colors of Night, the domain of the Goddess of the Moon, when fairytales are spoken of and come alive, come true… 
Spirit Unicorn FAETeam member Susan of Susan Tooker’s Spinning Castle, where travelers are invited to “Move Through the Magical Realm" with tribal faerie-inspired art and accessories designed with a powerful combination of glamour, crystals and beads intermingled with natural elements like feathers, stones and bones, has launched us into the future with her exquisite “Moonlit Blue…Fairytales Do Come True” FAETeam treasury:
Radiating cold, icy moonlit nights of fairytale seductions are the glamour-filled artworks of these featured FAETeam members:
Black Unicorn “Faerie Magic Ritual Healing Wand with Horn Handle and Lemurian Crystal by Spinning Castle” by Susan of Susan Tooker’s Spinning Castle
Blue Mushroom Moss Terrarium “Blue Mushroom Moss Terrarium in a Glass Jar- Mini Enchanted Fairy Toadstool Faerie Ladybug Garden Gnome Home” by Brandy (aka brandylinn18) of The Enchanted Garden
Blueberry Faerie “Blueberry Faerie Soy Candle - 4 ounce in glass hex jar - Blueberry Cobbler - Juicy blueberries, cream and butter baked into a mouthwatering cobbler” by Heather of Moonlit Herbals 
Ice Elemental “ICE Elemental Leather Mask” by Rebecca of Up from the Ashes
Labradorite Rainflower “Labradorite Rainflower Elven Forest Hair Clip” by Ian and Karla of Thyme2dream Weddings
Moonstone and Iolite “Moonstone and Iolite Bead Embroidered Angel or Goddess Necklace” by Andrea of Beadmask
Sale Scrabble Tile Earrings “SALE Scrabble Tile Earrings Fawn Gothic Saytr” by Deanna of Fantasy Art by Deanna Davoli
The Faerie Child “The Faerie Child (print)” by Omar of Studio Rayyan
Unicorn with Cat “Unicorn with Cat Porcelain Sculpture” by Pamela of The Magic Sleigh
West of Moon “West of Moon Print, Fairy tale princess riding a white bear” by Cat of Darkling Woods
Woodland Leaf Cuffs “Woodland Leaf Cuffs in Spring Green and Silver” by Sonya of Ancient Grove
So cast your eyes to the heavenly body of the glorious moon, and let the tales of yesterday seep into your moonlit soul.

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