Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Hearth and Harvest Treasury

FAETeam member Meri (aka Merigreenleaf) of Elfling Creations, home to fantasy-inspired art including runestones, dolls, cartilage earrings, hemp jewelry, elf ears, horns, and much more, is presents items from the team's "Hearth and Harvest" exhibition:

Featured are these Autumn-ready FAETeam member's creations:

From Julie of Mermaiden Creations:  “Amber Rays Circlet Fairy Bride Crown”
From Brandy (aka Brandylinn18) of The Enchanted Garden:  “Autumn Orange Fall Fairy House with Miniature Potted Sunflowers, Bee, Butterfly, Ladybug, and Faerie Toadstool Mushroom"
From Deanna of Fantasy Art by Deanna Davoli:  “Cameo Pendant Faerie Autumn Fantasy Art 30x22mm Victorian Fairy Elf"
  From Susan of The Dancing Dragon:  “Crowned Fairy”
From Jan of Wyldwood Papers:  “Elegance – A lamp with soul”
From Nicole and Stacy of Shamble Ramble:  "Fall Autumn Natures Bounty Woodland Leaves and Charm Bracelet"
From Sarah of Toadstools n Treestrumps:  “Garden spirit, ooak cloth art doll, Physalis"
From Corbin of Splendid Fish:  “Golden Orchid Necklace"
From David of Graphite Web:  “Harvest Art PRINT Drawing Thanksgiving Pumpkin Fall Autumn 5 x 7"
From Angel of The Blu Pixie:  “Lesidhe Autumn leaf Fairy (Faerie) Wings - Perfect for Halloween Costumes, Cosplay, Faires, Festivals, Fancy Dress Costume Parties, Clubbing and especially Weddings"
From Jenn (aka StrangeChild) of Bright Eyed Creatures:  “Mystery Sun Dragon Egg - Baby Dragon with Wings on a Magnetic Rock"
From Cyn of The Fairies’ Nest:  “OOAK Art Doll Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen"
From Mary Anne of MiddleEarths Jewels: “ShireHarvest pendant choker by MiddleEarths"
From Kristin (aka Aquariann) of The Art of Kristin Cornell:  “Tree Fairy . fantasy art magnet”
From Beth of Archeress Arts:  “Woodland Fall hair sticks with crystals and pearls - Blueberry"

NOTE: Friday's treasuries usually publish shortly after midnight on Friday, but since I posted two team treasuries today and had a root canal done (by the cutest endodontist in the world!), Friday's treasuries will be posted sometime during the day tomorrow.

How do you like the new, rounded, glassy buttons?


  1. Ooo, I love how you did the buttons to link to the listings- they look great! :D

  2. the buttons look really great!

    how do you feel about the cutest dude looking up your nose while digging around in your mouth?

  3. Ha! He put one of those rubber guards over my mouth so crap wouldn't fall down my throat (why doesn't every dentist in the world use those?) and the edges fell just at the tip of my nose, protecting my snotty nostrils from observation and scrutiny by the cutest dude EVAR! The Goddess and the Queen of Faerie were at my side yesterday *SQUEE!*

  4. OH, SQUEE, SQUEE, why do you have all the FUN! HA! HA!