Friday, August 20, 2010

Treasury Treats

We begin this week's compendium of treasuries with "A Croquet Party" hosted by Bethany (a self-described spinster and geekery fangirl) of Gossamer Song Fanart Studio where you'll find handspun and hand-designed fanart yarn.

Featured enjoying themself at the party is this FAETeam member:

StudioRayyan's "Croquet (print)"

Honeydrop Beads brings us this next treasury, a little tribute to Summer's last red-hot days as they depart, called "¡Andalé!":

Featured is this FAETeam member's scorching little creation:

FaerieKat's "Red Hot Magma Seed Bead Bracelet Handmade on Etsy"

Cathy of Celtic Cat Photos takes fine art photographs of Ireland, Scotland and America, and it is with the fine eye of a photographer that she gives us her treasury, "Black & White with a Splash of Color":

This treasury features the fine hint of color provided by this FAETeam member:

Archeress' "Something Blue - Pearl and crystal anklet for bridal wear or wedding"

Beaded Keepsakes has a delightful collection of jewelry made primarily from polymer clay beads that are beautiful, unique and affordable. Her treasury, "Cool Mamas Shop Sales for Kids and Gifts," is a delightful collection of "Seasonal Sales for yourself and your little love bugs".

This bargain of a treasury features this FAETeam member:

FaerieKat's "Frosty Aqua Sea Glass Ring Handmade on Etsy"

Beccijo of The Enchanted Cupboard, renowned world-wide for her enchanting wooden toys and cake toppers, sees leaves, leaves everywhere in her "Down They Fall..." treasury:

And falling along in this treasury is this feature FAETeam member:

FairiesNest's "Fall Pixie"

Very popular, up-and-coming curator and Etsy customer Child of Danu curated a two-part treasury on "Fae Fashion"; here is Part I:

It features the following FAETeam member fashionista:

BluPixie's "Fairy Wings Print Brown on Medium Black Tshirt"

And here is Part II of Child of Danu's curated two-part treasury on "Fae Fashion", which made it to the Front Page of Etsy (*SQUEE!*). If you're a fan of her treasuries (and who is not?), I encourage you to visit her very interesting and visually beautiful blog.

This treasury features these FAETeam fashionistas:

AncientGrove's "Fairy Collar in Green Silk"

VimaSunrider's "Hippie Fairy Headpiece"

Thyme2dream's "Tree Sprite Wood Nymph Mistletoe Ring"

AbsintheDragonfly of Esscentual Alchemy composes "music for your nose" with her natural, handmade perfumes. Her treasury, "Fairies and Dragons," is a marvelous composition for our eyes:

Featured is this FAETeam member's fanciful composition:

LovingLeeCrafted's "Rhinestone Butterfly Magic Portal. Fairy, Elf, Faerie, Gnome, Hobbit, Wee Folk Magical Door. 4 3 /4 inches- Pink"

Pacific Coast Designs are inspired by the many views and hues of the Central Coast of California. Her treasury, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" was inspired by...well, I'm sure you know the answer to that!

Featured in this lovely tribute is this FAETeam member:

Aquariann's "My Flying Monkey . fantasy art magnet"

Cara of Flood Plain Studio makes "small art" using pencil, archival ink pen, bottled ink, sticky printmaking ink, acrylic paint, and collage. Her treasury is a wickedly eclectic collection of "Found Objects 2":

And featured amongst the wickedly eclectic items is this wickedly eclectic FAETeam member:

Spiderwings' "Lost Souls spell bottle"

Jhoeymonster is an aspiring special fx artist by night, and an avid gamer/crafter by day. She enjoys creating art from anything she can get her little paws on...from piles of leaves, pebbles, and feathers to more traditional materials such as pen and ink, fibers, paint, clay, etc. Observe the composition of layers in her treasury, "From Ashes Arise":

And rising from the ashes in a row filled with flame is the featured FAETeam member:

ThreadsOfMagique's "Phoenix Firebird OOAK Art Quilt"

From the beautiful North East of England, Rainbowz Art is accompanied on her journey through time and space by her special bloke, gorgeous girl, three daft cats, five fish and one visiting, very shy hedgehog! Perhaps it was the daft cats that inspired her treasury, "Kitties Galore":

For some of them certainly look a wee tad daft, but not so our featured FAETeam member's contribution:

MotherSpoon's "Catfish (print)"

KeeblerLorien is a new Etsy customer and this is her second treasury--and it's awesome! Let her take us "Long Ago and Far Away"!

Featured is this awesome FAETeam member:

GreenHavenSoaps' "Wassail Soap - Cinnamon and Clove"

Linda of Bella Bead Jewelry was drawn like a moth to a flame by glass beadmaking in 2000 and she's still captivated. "Ocean Call" is a collection of mermaids, fish and underwater treasures.

Swimming along with the other mermaid's is this featured FAETeam member:

Aquariann's "Treasure . mermaid art bookmark"

Robin of Divine Depth Designs makes jewelry and plays with Polymer clay to stay sane (we can all relate to that, can't we?!). I'm sure we can also all guess who inspired her divine treasury, "Poison Apples"!

No one's apples are more poisonously better for you than this featured FAETeam member's:

MermaidenCreations' "Poison Apple Green Glass Earrings Gold Wire Wrapped by MermaidenCreations on Etsy"

The wonderful Child of Danu has done it again, blowing us away with "The Mists of Avalon":

This mystical FAETeam member was featured to live on the holy Isle of Avalon:

Thyme2dream's "Celtic Warrior Circlet Poppy Jasper"

Krishenka Vintage Treasures are handmade using a medley of vintage buttons, necklaces, brooches, earrings, and decorative textiles, handpicked from the flea markets and fairs of southern France. Enjoy the cool, crisp feeling of her "Touch of Snow and Ice in Summer" treasury:

Featured is this chilly FAETeam member's contribution:

UpfromtheAshes' "Artic Furry Yeti Leather Mask"

Michele is a University of South Florida grad and an Etsy customer. She's curated an impressive 20 treasuries, and "Wee People" (her 15th treasury) celebrates our magical fae friends, the pixies, gnomes, and fairies:

Featured are these FAETeam member's wee folk:

FaeryDustArt's "9x12 Original Watercolor Painting, Quiet Perch"

Jenniveves' "OOAK Iridescent Hatchling Faerie Fairy Fae Wings Cosplay Renaissance Halloween"

Sew Violet creates handmade bags and accessories incorporating upcycled fabrics and vintage buttons, jewels, brooches and embellishments. Her burning question is, "What should I wear to the Emerald City?" and her treasury holds the keys to the answer:

This featured FAETeam member's item is an Emerald City wardrobe essential:

MermaidenCreations' "Spells in the Garden Statement Necklace"

A faerie big Thank You to all our lovely curators for featuring members of the Fantasy Artists of Etsy (FAE)Team in their treasuries! And congratulations to our team members whose beautiful creations were featured. Remember, all the thumbnail photos on the left are linked to that item's Etsy listing, just click on the pic and away you'll be whisked!

My cute mousie friends
Are beginning to squeak,
"Let the weekend begin,
"It's been a long week!"

Head to the beach,
Play your favorite sport;
Drink in the sun's rays,
For days are grown short

The end of the year
Is approaching fast;
Halloween soon will be here
And then will be past.

The Wheel always turns,
The Past doesn't change,
The Future's too flexible,
Now's ours to arrange.

So live in the Present,
And love there as well,
It's the easiest place
On the Wheel to dwell.

by FaerieKat


  1. Thank you for featuring my treasury!

    And what lovely other ones are up here, too!
    :off to surf them:


    ~Every Skein A Story~

  2. So it's okay to send in ones we're in that aren't FAE heavy? I never seem to get into the group treasuries, but outsiders dig me for other themes.

    Hmm. The top one is too biege for me, but I love the other treasuries. :)

  3. Helen, yes! Send me anything you're in. You made a team treasury today (*SQUEE!*)

  4. Look at all these peeps that love us FAEsters! I think it's awesome to be included in treasuries that aren't team-focused; it shows that fantasy is appreciated by muggles, too :D

  5. What a great collection! Thanks for putting them all together!

    Angel Ponte

  6. Thank you so much for including my treasuries! I'm so glad you liked them and I really appreciate your kind words :)
    Roisin x

  7. Who doesn't like to be appreciated? We FAEsters just bubble over with appreciation, methinks. Zany, fun appreciation for life and those who participate in it!