Friday, August 13, 2010

Dark Dreamings

Our own deliciously wicked Julie of Mermaiden Creations shows us who and what inspires her dreams in her "FAE Fantasies and Nightmares" treasury:

Step into the dark dreamings of these featured FAETeam members:

"8x10 The Dreamer Print" by Tara of JupiterPsyche's Tara Nova ~ Starlight and Dirt

"Fantasy ART PRINT 5x7 Mask Masquerade Goddess Pagan Wiccan" by Deanna of Fantasy Art by Deanna Davoli ~ Ambient Arts

"Full Moon Limted Edition signed giclee 8x10 Katie Lennon" by Katie of Lennon Studio

"Golden Wood Dryad" by Susan of Susan Schroder Arts

"Green Twilight necklace pendant choker" by Mary Ann of MiddleEarths Jewels

"I'm Watching You- copper eye ring" by Shannon of Gypsy Moon Art Studio

"Into The Woods 6 x 4 inch greetings card - left blank for your own message" by Amanda of Spiral Moon

"Man with Gold Earring (print)" by Omarr of Omarr Rayyan Paintings & Illustrations

"Muskrat skull realistic resin cast" by Ann of Spiderwings ~ Dark Whimsy

"OOAK Hand Sculpted Fairy Fae Faerie Wizard Wand" by Jennifer of Jennieve's

"Red Imp Leather Mask" by Rebecca of Up from the Ashes

"Small Handcrafted Athame" by B. de Corbin of Splendid Fish

"Two 5 Strand Rapunzel Renaissance Braids wig custom to your hair color" by Tressa of PuppyCatMeow!

If you can't sleep tonight
And your dreams are dark,
If nightmares bite your toes
And your bed's full of sharks,

If eyes glow red
And beetles crowd your bed,
If there's horns on every head,
And the walking are all dead,

You'll know who to thank
For your pitiful plight,
'Cause she got you good
With her fabulous frights.

First that skull will start to speak,
And venomous tales will it leak,
Suddenly will the athame strike
And the dryad will become unlady-like.

Her visions and images
Want to swallow you whole,
Morning better come quick
Or you'll lose your soul!

by FaerieKat


  1. Fantastic treasury, I can't wait for Halloween!!!

  2. I was ogling this treasury yesterday - it's stunning! Perfect choice to share on Friday the 13th, too. And your words are spiderwebbed together so well, Kat!

  3. I'm afraid I was a tad bit loopy by the time I finished all the treasuries this week--and when I get loopy, I start rhyming, for some odd reason. If it gets too obnoxious, just let me know and I'll keep 'em to myself!

  4. Were you spying on my dreaming Kat? Cause you know all those things happened...and more...

  5. Kat..your verses ..what a wonderful way to wrap up your fantastic collection!

  6. FaerieKat, FaerieKat, What a GREAT rhyme!
    It is so much like Grimm's,
    Hope you had a good time.
    FAETeam's so lucky to have you,
    To share all your talents,
    The way that you do.

  7. You all are so sweet! And FQC, you crack me up! I wuv you all!

  8. Wow this is fab love it and I also added your button to my blog look forward to Friday to see my Treasury :)