Friday, August 20, 2010

Discount Fantasy

Almost everything in my Etsy shop, Faerie Fabulous Finds, is on sale and I set out to find those FAETeam members whose scrumptious work was on sale, too! Whether you call it a Yule in Autumn Sale, an End of Summer Blow Out, or Back to School Specials, one thing is certain: there's "Fantasy for Sale"!

Check out the awesome savings offered by these featured FAETeam members:

"3 Wishes Moonstone and Quartz bottle necklace" by Dawn Ray of Moon Glow Wishes

"ART PRINT 8x10 Fantasy Fairy Faerie Fae Flower Ethnic Tropical" by Deanna of Ambient Arts - Fantasy Art by Deanna Davoli

"Cherpell - Fred" by Angela of Elemental Dragons

"Chimera--SALE (was 95)" by Jessica of Plushroom Soup

"Duncan the Selkie 3d Art Quilt, SALE" by Donna of Threads of Magique

"Friar Tuck - An unscented, coffee infused soap" by Kelly of Green Haven Soaps

"Golden Disc Necklace Clearance priced" by Helen of Krummenacker

"Kudzu and Honeysuckle Print - SALE" by Stephanie of Izile's Oddities

"Pink Bunny Adorable Troll Original Watercolor Painting" by Cara of Carapace

"SALE, 8.5x11 Fine Art Print, A Mischievous Pixie" by Jessie of Faery Dust Art

"SALE - Fairy cloth art doll - Violet" by Irma of Fairyspit Dolls

"SALE FREE SHIPPING Galadriel Emerald Forest Spring Celtic Wedding Circlet" by Ian of Dragon Rider Circlets and Jewelry

"SALE - Silver Sunshine - Silver Yellow Jade Aventurine Earrings" by Monica of A-moni Creations

"Sale--Pearl of Atlantis Papercut Art" by Darcy of Arabesque Arts By Darcy

"Stained Glass---Taurus Constant CLEARANCE" by Amy of Radiance Art

These artists are very talented
And their art is so diverse,
The fabric of their fantasies
Runs 'cross the universe.

Included are faery kind
Like selkies and faeries fair,
But not excluded are the trolls
Or chimera, though rare.

Elemental dragons may roar,
But the kudzu looks so lovely
Entwined with honeysuckle,
Little Fred acts like a puppy!

Silver glows like sunshine
And discs glow golden, too;
Friar Tuck will wake us up
So that Galadriel may woo.

The pixies steal three wishes:
First Atlantis they restore,
Then Violet they gift with life;
And Taurus free from the glass

by FaerieKat


  1. FK should put together a shiny verse collection for kids, and have some of her FAE friends illustrate it!

  2. FaerieKat, FaerieKat,
    A-rhyming she goes,
    If she ever stops,
    we don't want to know.
    Her world's full of creatures,
    so magical they are.
    They come from the forest,
    so deep and so far.
    She does like the pixies,
    but mischievous as they are,
    She lets them run riot
    and sprinkle their spells,
    Wherever you are.
    Another Ridicullyous Rhyme
    from FairyqueenCrochet

  3. I was thinking I should rather probably be confined someplace safe, away from impressionable kids! I do seem to be rhyming a awful lot lately, emphasis on awful!