Monday, August 30, 2010

Rapunzel's Riches

Camilla of Danagonia, a FAETeam member from Denmark who not only makes exquisite fantasy jewelry but also offers wonderful tutorials, created this amazing storybook treasury bidding "Rapunzel" let down your golden hair...

Letting their creative hair down are these featured FAETeam members:

From Jennifer of Beasley's Wonders by Vima Sunrider: "A Royal Wedding Silver Circlet"

From Omar of Studio Rayyan: "Building Castles in the Hair"

From Victoria of Star Gazing Wood Elf: "Custom Elven Princess Corset, by StarGazingWoodElf"

From Corbin of Splendid Fish: "Large Handcrafted Athame"

From Mary of PhenomeGnome: "LAVENDER FAIRY GARDEN CASTLE - Outdoor Miniature Gardens"

From Eve of Bal Masque: "Mother Nature-Venetian Masquerade Mask"

From Shannon of Gypsy Moon Art Studio: "Nereid. Vintage crystal and shell copper necklace"

From Karla of Thyme2Dream: "Rivendell Elven Spring Hair Comb"

From Tadd of Hawkwolf's Armory and Accoutrements: "Silver Chain Maille Japanese Weave Bracelet with Beautiful Wrapped Seraphinite"

From Tressa of PuppyCatMeow: "Two Double Helix Rapunzel Renaissance Braids extension wig braid plait"

In ancient tellings of Rapunzel
The beauty fared not well
Her witch protector threw her out
As her belly began to swell

Her golden hair shorn away
In murky swamps did she dwell
And fed her two babes at her breast
In misery none could quell

Her prince the witch had blinded
For visiting her in her tower cell
And not until he found her again
Would the witch unspeak her spell.

by FaerieKat


  1. Looks awesome FK, love the old version of the story. I bet Disneys new version will be a bit different :-D

  2. This Treasury is such a beautiful magical, mystery, mistical tour.
    Congrats to all the talented FAE'ers.

  3. Thank you for you lovely comments, it makes doing these difficult posts worthwhile.