Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Fantasy Treasury Tickets

Our first ticket to the land of fantasy this week is an awesome treasury of axolotls, mexican walking fish, collected by Mel Hince of Paper + Ribbons, a shop filled with unique, vintage style jewellery featuring pearls, lockets and bird charms. According to Mel, axolotls are "Another Word for Awesome" and we agree!

This featured FAETeam member contributed to this collection of weird but oddly cute critters:

FaerieFaeStudios' "ACEO Set of 3 ORIGINALS - Abstract Aboriginal Animals"

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Marie of Art from My Heart is a polymer clay artiste with a creative streak to rival her talent! She asks of us that ages old question, "Do You Believe in Magic?" and we answer, "Doesn't everybody?!"...

This stunning collection that answers this question so beautifully features the talents of this FAETeam member:

LovingLeeCrafted's "Hummingbird Gothic Magic Portal... Fairy, Elf, Faerie, Gnome, Hobbit, Wee Folk Magical Door..7 3/4 inches"

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Maybe Marie of Art from My Heart didn't hear us, because she asked us again, "Do You Believe in Magic? Part 2" and so now we shout, "Until the day we die!"...(But we never tire of being asked this question, do we? No, not EVAR!)

Proving our undying belief are these featured FAETeam member's magical creations:

DawnRay's "Magic Wand Pendant Silver Sparkle with 30 inch chain"

LadyMudwerkes' "Spirit House"

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Poetic Pieces makes unique beading, designs and creations, and amazingly received a Kidney/Pancreas Transplant in 2008. She's doing well and 5% of her sales goes to Organ Donation Awareness. Her treasury shares "My Favorites" with us:

This featured FAETeam member made the grade:

FaerieKat's "Frosty Aqua Sea Glass Ring Handmade on Etsy"

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Jayne of White Oak Room makes hand-sewn items with style and sophistication mixed with a little play, such as pillow covers, doll sleeping bags, and place mats--and she's having a 50% off sale! Her treasury is a glimpse of things to come, like cold "November Rain":

Contributing to the misty and silvery ambiance is this featured FAETeam member's creation:

FairyQueenCrochet's "Choker with The Most Beautiful Drk. Grey Transparent Ribbon with Flowers on Sparkley Grey Mohair and Rhinestones and Sequins"

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Vitaly Acosta and Lissette Padilla are the photographers behind The BQE Photography. A lovely couple, their photographs of New York's five Boroughs are meant to make us feel, breathe, sense and know the Big Apple and its state's history. Their treasury, "Puss in Boots is Getting Ready for a Journey", is a delicious fairytale and Renaissance treat:

This featured FAETeam member's finely crafted item is just what dear Puss needs to complete his dapper ensemble:

KnightsSwords' "Miniature Sword Pendant with Necklace"

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Tammy of Tam's Crafts and Collectibles has pursued many different crafts over the years, but none was addicting as jewelry. She loves playing with different materials and techniques. Check out her "Red Hot" deals treasury!

There's no denying the hotness factor of these beautiful red FAETeam member featured creations:

FairyQueenCrochet's "Right Out of The Forest Flowery, Sparkley Choker With Silver, Flowerly Ribbon."

Carapace's "Rose Red Carries an Axe In The Garden Digital Illustration Print"

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Pam of Wicked Darling has been a collector of antique and vintage jewelry for nearly 30 years and her shop is filled with jewelry and related items from the Georgian, Victorian, and Art Nouveau Eras, and Art Deco through the 1960s. Her treasury, "They Shared Dark Secrets," is wickedly mysterious and eerily wicked!

This featured FAETeam member's creation blends beautifully into the dark atmosphere:

FairyQueenCrochet's "Wedding and Gala, Gold Lace and Bronze Choker with Antique Gold Center Jewel"

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At Made for Me by Oaklie you'll discover handmade fashion scarves to jazz up your wardrobe and whenever you want to feel like you're in the tropics, just take a little trip over to her "Tropical Pleasures" treasury.

Contributing to that "mix me another piña colada" laid-back feeling is this featured FAETeam member's pretty item:

FairyQueenCrochet's "Pendant with Beautiful Jewel Tones and Magical Green Jewel Center and Magical Green Beads"

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The Other Magdalene is filled with eccentric and elegant jewelry--truly, "a marketplace of ideas." The Other Magdalene is also the curator of one of my favorite treasuries, "Wire We Doing This" (love the pun!):

This art form is mesmerizing to me and I hope to develop my own skills in this technique to the levels represented here, especially by this featured FAETeam member:

Danagonia's "Fairy Cross"

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Brandy of The Sacred Grove (known to the FAETeam as Brandy of The Enchanted Garden) provides handmade, magickally-crafted ritual, spell, and altar supplies for pagans, witches and magickal folk. Her treasury, "Witchy Wonders," is filled with wonderful witchy items (duh!).

Among the goodies on display is this featured FAETeam member's witchy little number:

Enchanticals' "Currently Listed in Treasury Wizard Keeper of the Enchanted Woods Enchanted Hutch OOAK Artist Made Miniature Dollhouse Scale"

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You've all got your ticket
So let me explain:
If your treasury ain't listed
Please come back again!

by FaerieKat

Thank you to all our wonderful curators for featuring Fantasy Artists of Etsy (FAE) team members in their treasuries, and congratulations to our FAETeam members who were featured. Remember, all of the photos (except for the large treasury photos themselves) are linked to that item's listing, including the curators.


  1. fairy tales, magic, witches...just a few of my favorite things!

  2. Fabulous and gorgeous! Thanks so much for featuring my treasury and all of the wonderful shops! What a group of very talented artist!

  3. Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your lovely notes; it gives me the desire to keep on keeping on!