Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Best of the Beast and his Beauty

Camilla of Danagonia, our FAETeam member from Denmark who not only makes exquisite fantasy jewelry but also offers wonderful tutorials, has created another amazing storybook treasury about a tale she's given her snowy heart to, "Beauty and the Beast"...

Be they Beauty or be they Beast, these featured FAETeam members are the best!

From Leah and Shane of Mythical Designs: "Antlered Great Greenman Mask"

From Janice of TangoCatGems: "Cherry Wire Wrap Bracelet"

From Katie of Lennon Studio: "Greenman Limited Edition faery 11 x 14 giclee Katie Lennon"

From Shannon of Gypsy Moon Art Studio: "Gypsy Garden vintage metal rose ring"

From Samantha of Samantha Nowak Illustrations: "Raven Witch 8x10 matted print"

From Jennifer of Beasley's Wonders by Vima Sunrider: "Scarlet Circlet"

From Heather of Moonlit Herbals: "Witch's Magick Mirror Kit (Round style mirror) - With mirror, bag of organic Mugwort and a usage scroll - For use in psychic work, divination, deflecting negative energies"

If you find that you're a Beauty
Kind as the day is long,
And you're in love with a Beast
Who tends to get things wrong,
Staying with the Beast is not your duty, Beauty,
Not in the least, poor Beast.


If the Beast hasn't broken the law,
Or dislocated your lower jaw,
Doesn't say things that stick in your craw,
Or snore like the proverbial saw,
Hasn't drawn the shortest straw,
And keeps a neat and tidy claw,
Knows how to read and can even draw,
And makes you giggle and even guffaw...

May you go through life together,
Happily ever after,
Hand in paw.



  1. FaerieKat, that poem was perfect for the treasury!

  2. Awesome treasury and amusing poem!

  3. Love the treasury and the great poem!

  4. Thank you, everyone! I love Camilla's jewelry and tried to do my best for her.