Friday, August 13, 2010

Terrific Treasuries This Week

Our first terrific treasury this week is by Jollie of Jollie Jewels, a treasure trove of recycled and repurposed beach art and vintage jewelry. She, like many of us, is already looking forward to an "Enchanted Autumn", which officially begins on the Fall/Autumn Equinox that "falls" on September 23rd this year:

Enjoy the vibrantly hued offerings of these featured FAETeam members:

FaerieKat's "A Faerie's Leaf Crystal Copper Necklace Handmade on Etsy"

BluPixie's "Lesidhe Autumn leaf Fairy (Faerie) Wings - Perfect for Cosplay, Street Fashion, Faires, Festivals, Fancy Dress Costume Parties, Clubbing and especially Weddings"

FairiesNest's "OOAK Art Doll Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen"

Becca of Seasons Art 1031 makes one of a kind, wacky and wonderful folk art creations to celebrate all of the seasons. Her treasury, "Enchanting Realm," presents enchantments from the Magical Holiday Artists team:

Some of these featured items and members are also FAETeam members:

MagickMermaid's "Fairy Angel Moonbeams Magick 8x10 Archival Fantasy Print"

CarolOchs' "Out Of Her Shell"

Kaylee, Carissa and Sara of SpoolOfSugar is the collaboration of a college student (bags), a mom and lunch lady (hats and skirts), and a church secretary (birds and flowers). They believe, just as we all do, that "Fairy Tales Do Come True"!

The fairy tale magic of this FAETeam member is featured in this wonderful treasury:

Carapace's "Rose Red Carries an Axe In The Garden Digital Illustration Print"

Tracy of mztracyr designs has Multiple Sclerosis and, although her hands do not always want to cooperate, discovered a love for making jewelry after her diagnosis. Red is her favorite color, but her treasury is "Green with Envy":

The following FAETeam member's made it into this enviable treasury:

FaerieKat's "Aegean Sea Fun in the Sun Necklace Handmade on Etsy"

Aquariann's "Peridot . dragon fantasy art bookmark"

Rita of RitasCreationsOnEtsy is a stamper, a scrapper, a quilter and more, but I was fascinated by her Pee Pee Cones for Baby Boys (probably because I've changed a few little boy's diapers!). Her treasury is also "Green with Envy":

And this FAETeam member's featured item is certainly something to envy!

Aquariann's "Peridot . dragon fantasy art pinback button"

Yiota of GoregeousLittleGems is originally from Greece but now lives in London. Her jewelry is casual yet still smart, exciting and feminine, and above all, wearable. Her elegant treasury, "I Believe in Fairys," is also smart, exciting and feminine:

Of course, we believe in fairies, too, as do these featured FEATeam members:

Jenniveves' "OOAK Sculpted Fairy Wand Refillable Ink Pen"

CosmikFrogPhotograph's "Wings- 11x17 Fine Art Print"

Aubrey (AKA Mauby, Aubrey+Mommy) of Maubys has a passion for fabric, sewing and kissing and snacking with her toddler. Her daytime doodles turn into evening design patterns for things like reusable snack baggies. She's given us a brilliantly hued treasury appropriately entitled, "I Dream in Color":

Featured in this colorful treasury is the equally colorful artwork of this FAETeam member:

Aquariann's "Damsel . dragon art magnet"

Sharon of Junktique says she's an old hippie that loves making people happy with her sewing. There's no doubt her Cutie-Patootie one size diapers are both cute and popular. Living in the state that gave us John Wayne and Winnebagos, her treasury gives us a taste of the "Iowa State Fair":

Among the quilts, preserves and cuddly barnyard animals is this featured FAETeam member:

FairyQueenCrochet's "Magnificent Rudolph Valentino Museum Quality Crocheted Tapestry or Rug, Movie Poster"

Lindsay of LindsayRoad is a full time Social Studies teacher who creates her jewelry in a little farmhouse in upstate New York. Her clever and cute treasury is curiously entitled, "I'm Still, I'm Still An Animal":

It features the clever, cute and curious creation of this FAETeam member:

Featherwurm's "Plush Dragon Ebenrude"

Torrence of TorrenceXO (aka "Fleur) is a 19 year old who loves to make hair accessories. She's also well aware that "It's a Fairies World" out there!

This small but adorable treasury features this FAETeam member:

Danagonia's "Fairy Daisy Necklace"

AmyBunz16 says she is "a serious Etsy addict" and she's a wonderful Etsy customer, too! She's also a terrific treasury curator, as you will plainly see in her "Medieval Magic" treasury:

Featured in this feast of medievalry are these magical FAETeam members:

GreenHavenSoaps' "Ever After (Oatmeal, Sea Salt, and Coconut Milk Bath)"

VimaSunrider's "Medieval Crown Circlet"

Jaclynn and Samantha of DoubleTake09 are identical twins who are skilled in china painting and offer their handpainted pieces, photography, vintage patterns and other items they love to create in their store. Their rich and mysterious "Midnight Blue" treasury features one of their favorite colors:

Featured is the rich and mysterious goodness offered by this FAETeam member:

GreenHavenSoaps' "Bard Soap - Bergamot, Fir Needle, and Tea Tree"

The owner of MisiZiibi (Ojibwe for Giant River) is of Annishinabe/Ojibwe, French (Canada, eh), and German descent, born in northern Wisconsin and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota; she's also a Mom, Grandma, and foster Mom. Her love for (and awe of) Lake Superior, the Mississippi, and little Moose and Harriet Lakes has shaped her sense of what is beautiful and comforting, and lends plenty of inspiration to her work. Sit back and enjoy her "Oh, What a DOLL" treasury:

Featured in this "dolls are not just for kids" treasury is this FEATeam member's faerie kin:

CLBcreations' "Copper Hobgoblin"

Our very own Sarah of ToadstoolsNTreestump found herself pondering the mysteries of the sea from far, far away and longing for a little "Sea Mist":

Featured are the underwater marvels of these FAETeam members:

ToadstoolsNTreestump's "five strand gemstone necklace, Exaltation"

FairyMermaid's "Seastar - OOAK Mermaid Doll"

When the owner of BuddysBracelets discovered she would need to wear a medical alert bracelet and couldn't find anything she liked, she resorted to making her own. She says people always seem surprised when they find out she collects unicorns. Well, we're not at all surprised at that, or that "Unicorns Aren't Just for Little Girls," are we FAETeam?

Featured are these most definitely non-glittery rainbow colored, little girl's bed linen FAETeam member unicorns:

ThreadsOfMagique's "Fantasy Thermal Tea Cozy"

EirewolfCreations' "Roan Unicorn with blue eyes -- OOAK sculpture bust on soapstone base"

That's it for this Friday. Remember that all the thumbnails on the left are clickable links to both the curator's and our FAETeam member's Etsy listings for the item shown.

Thank you to all the curators who featured items from our team! Bendithion and have a glorious weekend!


  1. oh wow!! what super treasuries!! thank you so much for putting this up FaerieKat :) it must have taken you all day to compile all of these treasuries and the individual member features!
    BIG HUGS!!

  2. Wow such a lot of gorgeous treasuries! Great post!

  3. Thank you, and you guessed it, it took all day, but it was soooo worth it! I discovered not only so many great new curators, but also some new FAETeam members I hadn't "met" before. I love the new treasury search capability--it's addictive!

  4. I second the addictive nature of the treasury search! Great work offering up all these great featured pieces :D

  5. Thank you for including our treasury and a blurb about our shop too!

  6. Wonderful I just pinched your button and followed you

  7. Thank YOU! and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Our hope is that these posts will generate some traffic to the curator's shops as well as to our team member's -- just one way the treasuries could become a valuable marketing tool as well as an artistic outlet.