Sunday, August 8, 2010

Connecting with the Celestial

Marcy of My Shining Star Designs, a transplanted Texan from Illinois with a husband of 11 years and two goof-ball dogs named Heidi and Ruby, doesn't only create jewelry, cakes and whatever's for dinner, she created an out-of-this-world treasury called "Celestial Connections":

Inspired entirely by the FAETeam, it features the creations of these heavenly bodies:

"3 Wishes Moonstone and Quartz bottle necklace" by Dawn Ray of Moon Glow Wishes

"Chainmaille Celtic Star Keychain Gray, Silver, and Sky Blue" by Glen of Sneath's Chainmaille

"Coral Reef Sea Star Wire Wrapped Bracelet" by Janice of Tango Cat Gems

"Crescent Moon Opal Vintage Charm Stamped Circle Necklace" by Julie of Mermaiden Creations

"Full Moon Magic Crystal Charm Earrings Handmade on Etsy" by Kat (FaerieKat) of Faerie Fabulous Finds

"Image pendant Guardian Angel" by Mary Ann of Middle Earths Jewels

"Midsummer Moon GREETING CARD 12 FAIRY Moons JUNE" by Ammie of The Gilded Quill Magical Supply Shoppe

"Original Dragon Fantasy Art Watercolor Painting - Star Gazer" by Melia of Be Mused Art

"Spirit of the Green Man Ritual Oil with Moss Agate crystals - For use in spells to help one connect with the Lord of the Forest and Earth Elementals" by Heather of Moonlit Herbals

"Starman earrings" by Sarah of Toadstools N Treestump

"Sun and Moon Armband Set" by Lady Steel of 88Links

"Sun, Rain and Lucky Star - 8 inch Available" by Susan Marie of The Dancing Dragon

"Tempus Fugit Necklace" by Tara (JupiterPsyche) of Tara Nova: Starlight & Dirt

"Victorian Twilight Ear Cuff Vine" by Karla of Thyme2dream Jewellry & Fanciful Things

May this treasury and Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon, send us all celestial dreams!

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