Friday, August 6, 2010

This Week's Fantasies

Our first treasury this week is from one of our wonderful customers on Etsy, Karileete, who so far is just in looking mode and she's been looking at "All That Glitters"!

Featured is this FAETeam member's glittery treasure (click on any thumbnail photo along the left to whisk away to that item's listing):


Tomi of DesignTamara creates beaded jewelry in gemstone and sterling silver, and she created an "Arthurian Romance" treasury to satisfy our taste for romantic treasure and tales:

Marvel over this FAETeam member's romantic offering:

AthenasArmoury's Chain Maille Coif

Debbie of UneekDollDesigns creates unique wooden art doll miniatures (her Susan Boyle doll was featured on the Today Show and given to Susan directly in an interview!) and her treasury, "Cool and Refreshing", is uniquely Debbie, too:

It features this FAETeam member's unique creations:

FaerieKat's Frosty Aqua Sea Glass Ring Handmade on Etsy

FaerieKat's Summertime Ice Crystal Cube Earrings Handmade on Etsy

At the SkunkHollow Country Store, all the items are handmade without the use of a sewing machine and the owner has curated this amazing collection of "Faces":

Hidden among the faces is this FAETeam member's fabulous faerie contribution:

ToadstoolsNTreestump's Skye (ooak, art doll, fairie)

Carol Phipps of CeeJay60's Photography and Things is a photographer and knotter (macrame-ist?), and created this lovely "Fairyland Green Treasury Challenge" (although who she was challenged by remains a mystery, for we know it wasn't we FAE!):

It features the work of these fabulous FAETeam members, though:

BluPixie's Lesidhe Greenleaf Fairy (Faerie) Wings - Perfect for Cosplay, Street Fashion, Faires, Festivals, Fancy Dress Costume Parties, Clubbing and especially Weddings

VimaSunrider's Naughty Nymph Hair Accessory

Julie DeGroot of GardenJewels makes scintillating stained glass art for your home and garden. Her treasury is a collection of sparkling "Flower Faeries" I'm sure you will enjoy:

It features the bubbly faeries of these FAETeam members:

ShesThatGirl's Fairy Garden Vegan Soap with Shea Butter and Beach Breezes Fragrance

PhenomeGNOME's SLEEPING FAIRY GARDEN STATUE - Concrete Faerie Garden Art

Carol Joy of CarolJoyFashions finds inspiration for her purse designs from many sources, such as trims from period dresses, funky necklaces, or wildly themed fabrics. Her treasury, "Hollywood Comes to the Common Man," draws its inspiration from Zsa Zsa Gabor!

We're sure Zsa Zsa is eating her heart out over this FAETeam member's contribution:

FaerieKat's Flirty Pink Faerie Feather Earrings Handmade on Etsy

This week we feature our second treasury from another of our wonderful customers on Etsy, ChildOfDanu, who also is just in looking mode so far. It appears she may have a touch of "Insomnia":

The featured item of this FAETeam member is sort of guaranteed to keep you awake:

AutumnAlchemy's The Bleebs

Marcy of MyShiningStarDesigns specializes in classy retro and campy chic handmade jewelry. Her treasury, "Magical Moments," is a classy study in shades of black and white:

Such as this FAETeam member's pen and ink contribution:

BeMusedArt's Spellbook Original Art Nouveau Style Witch Drawing - Free Shipping

Elgaladwen of Elgaladwen's Boutique makes fanciful scarves, practical dishcloths, fun earrings and unique necklaces. Her treasury, "Nature Sprite," is a delicately hued tribute to this shy faerie being.

And this FAETeam member's contribution is naturally spritely:

Thyme2dream's Forest Fairy Ear Cuff Vine

Lorian of Dashery loves to use sterling silver and natural gemstones in her pieces, as well as copper and crystals, and she created a vibrant "Queen of Hearts" treasury for us to enjoy:

It features that oh-so-interesting Lewis Carroll character as imagined by this FAETeam member:

ArtBySarahPittman's Queen of Hearts, Original fairy art

Julie of JuliesLittleBits sells Victorian brass stampings, tiny teapot charms, colorful and unique beads, vintage and new buttons, and various other supplies for all our creative ideas. Her "Rosie Pink" treasury is sure to get those creative juices flowing:

Or it will set you to dreaming, as I have over this featured FAETeam member's item:

BrandyLinn18's Bright Pink Fairy Butterfly Garden House with Mushrooms, Flowers, Roses, and Butterflies

Amber and Meghan of BarbedLotus started doing henna and (possibly during a glitter coma) began making wings; their mottoes are "Reality is for people with no imagination" and "Let your imagination take flight", which you are sure to do with their "Take Flight" treasury:

Get ready to soar with these featured FAETeam member's items:

OnGossamerWings' Jenna Fairy Wings

NightLilyDesign's Ready to Ship- Blue and Yellow Shimmery Faerie Wings

Auviana was created one summer night by two sisters with a vision to create hair jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, baby items, and any other item to which they could bring their creative touch, such as their beautiful treasury, "Through the Forest".

In their forest you will find featured this FAETeam member's creation:

FaerieKat's Forest Spirit Nature Charm Bracelet Handmade Etsy

Lillya of Budapest has put her shop on vacation for a bit and is enjoying Etsy as a customer and treasury curator. Enjoy the sublime serenity of her "Victorian Rose" treasury and share a little in her break from the grind.

Guaranteed to mellow your harsh, and hide those wrinkles and dark under-eye circles, is this featured FAETeam member's item:

BalMasque's Orange Cream-Handmade Masquerade Ball Mask Venetian Domino

Have a lovely and fantastic weekend, everyone, and many thanks to our fantastic curators!


  1. Thank you for featuring my Treasury! I am so thrilled! :) I created another Treasury inspired entirely by the FEATeam. I hope you like it.

  2. Like it? We love it and created a whole post of it's very own:


  3. mellow your harsh, indeed FK! (still chuckling)

  4. Aw, thank you SO much for featuring my treasury!!! I really appreciate it. And also, what a wonderful blog! I'll definitely be returning. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  5. Thank you for posting my treasury "Fairyland Green"! I'm honored to be on your blog. It is awesome!