Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FAE Fruits

Autumn's early harvesting is underway, and the FAE team has many fine fruits to offer. Here are a few that fevered my fancy.

Cherry Wire Wrap Bracelet by TangoCat Gems.

 Pear With Red Spot by Krummenacker.

Faerie Summer Fruit Brass Earrings by FaerieKat.

The heavier harvest is fast approaching, and our Team Exhibition will be calling for entries in the next couple of weeks for the upcoming theme of Hearth and Harvest.
The light is mellowing, Autumn Equinox will be upon us and so will the holiday shopping season. Summer's relaxation is over- there's gathering to be done!


  1. I always find it shocking how quickly this season arrives, but with the heat of the tropics so overwhelming, I'm dying for cooler weather and these offerings are a perfect taste of what is to come!

  2. ooo hurry october!! lovely selections:)

  3. Ooh! I was doing a fairy harvest theme for my blog. I guess it is that time of year. Beautiful!!

  4. It's been so cool all summer in Northern California, I kind of feel like we were robbed. We don't get massive swings of seasons, but we were really overlooked by the sun. Nevertheless, the wheel still turns and the bounty will be gathered.

  5. @mermaiden, we can only hope for a taste of summer once Sept gets here. I prefer cool, but even I'm missing Summer this summer!

    I love the cherry bracelet!

  6. Lovely fruit features. *mouth waters* Bring autumn on! I am so tired of the sweltering heat in Delaware.