Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bunnies and Baskets and Eggs, Oh My

Fickle Spring weather for some, but that will not deter the Fae Folk from calling up the imagery of the season and filling their baskets with sweet stuffs.

However you celebrate (or don't), these are icons of fertility, sunlit glorious garish color, and the promise of renewal. Delight. Indulge. Hope.

Crystal Faerie Nest by Moonlit Herbals
Prelude to Spring by Faerie Kat
Starling Art Doll by Toadstools and Treestump


  1. Oh joyous spring! I'm proud to be part of this initial collection, and what a fun collection it is. Carapace, your troll is ultra-loveable; Moonlit, my faeries all agree, tis a proper faerie nest indeed; Flyttamouse, we're moonstruck and your knot work and triskele is so beautiful; and I had a lovely introduction to all the faeries, trolls, pixies, sea horses and other fae folk over at Toadstools and Treestump. Quite a fabulous start to my spring!

  2. Spring is now here with bunnies, baskets, and eggs, oh my!
    The troll seems unhappy, I wonder why,
    Maybe the faerie nest is way too high,
    The hare is happy to look at the moon,
    And Faerie Kats gem is getting my swoon,
    The starling doll is here with her nest, full of
    gold eggs to be the best!
    Happy Spring all you FAE Teamers!

  3. Beautiful selection of Spring time items!!

  4. What a lovely surprise. I was not sure if Starling was a little dark to renew at this lightening of the year. But I thought the eggs fit the season, and apparently so did others.

    Thank you for including her and her basket of eggs!

    May you all have a blessed season!

  5. Hey, I was not at all expecting Bunny Troll to make this selection- thank you!

    That Moonstruck Hare is worrying me, though. I am sure it knows more than it's telling.

  6. Hey, great art work and what a clever rhyme!
    Not, really- read it and felt like I was in prison doin' time.

    no really, prison's cool


  7. Such charming creations! Nice work, everyone.