Monday, March 29, 2010

Interview with Maddie from Fey Way Designs

The subject of my interview today is Maddie, from Fey Way Designs in Baskersfield, California. She has learned from her grandma and is now enrolled in her very first art class, but she considers herself primarily self-taught as she has taught herself all of her own jewelry stitches.

A self-proclaimed fantasy nerd (and secret reader of classic romance novels) she became hooked on the fantasy genre after reading the Hobbit at age 10, but admits it started earlier than that with fairytale bedtime stories as a small child. She loves fantasy because it pulls you out of your own world and into a completely different place, and "absorbs you with characters that capture your heart".

Lifelong friendships, a beautiful story, life's everyday miracles make her happy. She admits that she cannot focus on a single idea at a time, and her workplace is a bit of a mess with projects scattered about. "It's a beautifully organized sort of chaos", she says. She is inspired by Nene Thomas and Josephine Wall, however her heart truly lies with the old Renaissance masters. She hopes her art evokes a sense of a sense of mystery and wants people to feel drawn to another place when they see her art.

Her favorite fantasy story is J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of The Rings and it's associated writings because it is what introduced her to the fantasy genre and taught her a great deal about writing. She would love to meet Gandalf "hopefully in Hobbiton. Why? Just because he's brilliant. Absolutely brilliant". She says she would love to be a wind mage so that she could be free to roam the world at will.

Her advice to other Etsy sellers? "Don't do anything that doesn't please your artistic soul. Even if you don't have immediate success, don't change yourself just for sales. Just keep looking for that special group that appreciates your distinct style!" She says if you are a constructive critic, she will listen.

We FAEteamers certainly appreciate her and her art! Be sure to visit Maddie's Etsy shop Fey Way Designs to see all of her lovely fantasy inspired jewelry and artwork.


  1. Lovely interview! Maddie's work is gorgeous and her advice to other Etsy sellers is great.

  2. Gypsy, gypsy, gypsy...
    This could have been an interview that cut past all the soft-ball questions and took to task allegations of drug connections, politicians in the back pocket, shady dealings with slum lords and real estate investments and insider esty tradings, but instead you choose to peddle a soft, fuzzy image of Maddie of Fey Way Designs.

    Will you just look at that know she's hiding something!


  3. K, what's in that cigar you're smoking?

    Love Maddie's beaded bracelet- perfect for sword-wielding mermaids. Ahem.

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Lovely artiste, lovely pieces, lovely article! The faeries approve!

  5. I ditto lovely artist and lovely work! The butterfly necklace is absolutely gorgeous! What talented fingers. Thanks for the nice article. xxx Sandy

  6. Great interview! I love that handflower :)

  7. So enjoyed this..with priceless advice worthy of a Gandalf the Grey!

  8. Great interview with a talented artist!

  9. Thanks so much everyone!
    I feel terrible for not being able to really participate on the team right now. I'm finishing out my senior year of high school and this is the craziest time of year.

    I really appreciate the warm responses, and hope to be actively joining you all soon!