Thursday, November 20, 2014

Exhibition Archive: Warriors & Wisewomen

Viking Age Latvian Battle Ax Charm in bronze
Unicorn Warrior - Fridge Magnet of Steampunk Art - Brass Armor
Owl Feather Leather Barrette Or Hair Stick
Cornelia woodland witch with owl print  by Renee L. Lavoie
Viking Style Axe Blade Necklace
5 of Swords Art Print 78 Tarot Deck
Lost Morion Helmet - Life size, movie quality prop - Spanish Conquistador, Brittish Royal Navy
The Muse - Fantasy Fine Art Print
Red Eye Mask
Fantasy Art Painting Canvas Print Norse Warrior Valkyrie Raven celtic
Steampunk Rosette Medal
Lynx... Warrior Fay... Men Fairy Picture Art... Matted Print... Fantasy Art... Lynx...Handsome Masculine Male Fairy
Wize Wimmin Fae - Open Edition Print
Sun And Moon Runes Elder Futhark Rune Stone Set - Pagan and Wicca Fortune Telling
Fantasy Art Halloween Witch - Enchanted Forest - Samhain Holiday - Fall Autumn Magick Print
Medieval Warrior Circlet in Silver and Black
Angel Art, Unicorn Art, Star-Bearer Angel with Unicorn, Pegasus, Pegacorn, Rainbow, Angel Art print  ,11x 14 art  print
The Green Man
Chainmaille armor, long custom knight shirt, European 4 in 1, 6 in 1 weave galvanized steel - Medieval Renaissance reenactment, fantasy, SCA
Dragonscale Chainmail Bracelet Water Elemental Shades of Blue, Unique and Industrial Chainmaille Bracelet
Ocean Warrior Headdress

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