Monday, February 7, 2011

Art Dare: Stag Moon 3

What's this hanging on a branch ahead (and weren't those branches antlers a moment ago? Didn't they shine in the moonlight before turning to black shadows..?

A pendant? Or a fairy dagger in its sheath? An odd and dangerous looking lovely to be left by a gentle creature like the Stag. But then the Stag is a great fighter, sharpening his blades every winter. Perhaps this bit of antler was broken off in some great fight, sheathed against calamity by clever Fae hands?

And if we turn around and at the sound of that rustling now, what will we see...?


  1. What will we see? What will we see? It would have to be pretty amazing to top what we've already seen :)

  2. this piece emanates a lot of power and mystery. fantastical!