Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Art Dare: Stag Moon 2

The Stag's hoofprints are clear by the moonlight, but there's something else hanging on the branches, right at the height of his spikes, bits of blue moon glinting in-- is that antler?

Your Every Day Antler Turquoise Elk Vintage Earrings Mermaiden Creations

Very cunningly made! There's a legend that once a Moon the Fae make their fanciest wares to celebrate the spirit of the seasons, in keeping with yearly patterns only they can know. Are we being led into a gallery of the fantastic..?

Look, the stag's shadow up ahead! Let's see what else we might find!


  1. I love that it looks like the earrings are growing from the inside- like antler trees! But I wouldn't plant them, because then I couldn't see them!