Monday, November 1, 2010

October Art Dare: Blood Moon, Hunter Moon Volume 3

In the forest her only guide was the starlight that reflected off her glittering crown, and the echo of her own heart, sounding out the edges of the trees.

HARVEST MOON Faerie Princess Antler Crown Headdress
by Susan Tooker of Spinning Castle

Ahead in the darkness of forest, there were sounds- quick footsteps in the undergrowth, slow breathing in the darkness of the trees...and then, glowing bright in the starlit midnight, horns of a mysterious beast!

Blood Red Glowing Halloween Monster Horns

The crescent-horned creature turned to face its hunter, then leaped away, jumping through the trees as though aiming for the sky.   Its footprints left deep gouges in the red earth and filled with shadows.

Gothic Beaded Skull Necklace

by Erthefae

The maiden stopped, but not in fear or confusion. Her pale face flushed in joy.  She smiled,  drew her gleaming silver bow,   and leapt after the red-horned beast. 

The moon is no meek maiden, but a hunter, still chasing the mysterious prey across the sky. The chase is its own reward, in the cool  quiet of the night  And in the cold of the year, when they draw near, the sky turns red as the blood of prey and hunter quickens.

Skaad Hunts in White Moonlight With A Red Crescent Smile Hunter Moon Blood Moon Digital Art Print

by Carapace