Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Art Dare: Blood Moon, Hunter's Moon Art Dare Volume 2

One wild fall night long ago a woman walked along into a midnight forest. So pale she shone in the moonless night (and all nights were moonless then), in a gown the color of a heart, wearing strings of gems the color of blood, she was a strange one to be walking the woods alone.

But her path was marked clear. Fine webs of spider silk and tree moss shimmered where something had torn through them ahead of her; red autumn leaves showed their bright colors where something had scattered them ahead of her quick footsteps.

Bat sang their high songs around her as she walked, some warning her away, some urging her on; bats are not bees, and are often in the mind to disagree.

But she went on, sometimes almost running; the moon was high and the night was full, and she was in pursuit.

To be continued, yes!


  1. Caramazon~
    Yer a genius. And the FAE team's work is great as always!


  2. I'm definitely following this tale deeper into the wood...

  3. Beautiful items and a beautifully creepy story to go with :)

  4. *shivers* I am quite captivated and hungry for more.