Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday’s Fall Fantasies

Guardian of Time FAETeam member Julie of Mermaiden Creations, where you’ll find incredible handmade unique witch hats and nature fantasy jewelry, brings us this haunting “Ancient Echoes” treasury:
Eerie and timeless contributions were included from these FAETeam members:
Ancient Eye Splendid Fish’s “Ancient Eye Bracelet (2)”
Wolf Tooth Gypsy Moon Art Studio’s “Wolf Tooth and Copper Pendant”
Purse Mirror FAETeam member Sarah of Toadstools ‘n Treestumps, who is donating 20% of the proceeds from everything pink and all her jewelry to Susan G Komen for the Cure during the month of October, brings us things that are “Glowing in the Dark” as the hours of daylight diminish and Halloween approaches:
Gamely keeping the dark at bay are the creations of these FAETeam members:
Glow Night Lily Design’s “Glow in the Dark Fairy Wings”
Mystery Strange Child’s “Mystery Moon Imp Egg – Big”
Otherworldly Gypsy Moon Art Studio’s “Otherworldly Glow. Brass Evil Eye Ring”
Wuvz Elemental Dragons’ “Wuvz of the Celestial Clan - Glow-in-the-Dark”
Mirkwood FAETeam member Bethany of Gossamer Song, where you will find beautiful handspun and hand-design art yarn, created this fascinating treasury filled with “Gossamer Gleans of Web and Strings”:
Spreading beautiful cobwebs as wings is this featured FAETeam member:
Moxie On Gossamer Wings’ “Moxie Fairy Wings - Goth - Cobweb Spider Wings”
Sarayu Cj, the artist of Oversoul, focuses on using upcycled and organic materials that create a “seasoul” feeling for ocean lovers and those who “resonate at a higher frequency.”  This is her wickedly delightful “Lovely Curse” treasury:
Lovely Curse
And wickedly delighting all of us are these featured FAETeam member creations:
Custom Made Amulet Moonlit Herbals’ “Custom-made Amulet Pendant - Charged and blessed for whatever intent you need - Prosperity, Love, Protection, etc.”
Mayblossom Spinning Castle’s “MAYBLOSSOM Faerie Apothecary Mini Glass Bottle Necklace with Hawthorn Blossoms by Spinning Castle”
Night Owls Hoot’s Gallery’s “Night Owls 2 - 8x10 print”
Call of the Wild Jaunebleu, a self-taught silversmith who loves to quote Alice in Wonderland on a daily basis, is the curator of this next stunning treasury, “Spring Comes with Flowers, Autumn with the Moon”:
Spring Autumn
Lending fiery autumn radiance and moonlight to this treasury are these featured FAETeam members:
Bird of Paradise Up from the Ashes’ “Bird of Paradise Leather Mask”
Kindreds Deanna Bach Art’s “Kindreds - Owl (Midnight Masquerade) - fairy fantasy gothic art print by Deanna Bach”
Princess At Vintage Precious, designs are vintage inspired and created for every little girl to feel like the precious little girl she is, a beautiful princess and loved.  And perhaps like “There Lived An Elf Fairy in The Magical Winter Woods”, as shown in this next beautiful treasury:
There Lived an Elf Fairy
Adding sparkle and fabulousness to any elf fairy’s wardrobe are the creations of these featured FAETeam members:
Elven Forest Ice Thyme2dream’s “Elven Forest Ice Princess Circlet Crown Tiara”
Ice Deanna Bach Art’s “Ice - fairy fantasy gothic art print by Deanna Bach”
West of Moon Darkling Woods’ “West of Moon Print, Fairy tale princess riding a white bear”
Changing Leaves Rebecca of Phoenix Art Studio, is a born storyteller.  Educated in the arts of costuming and puppetry, Rebecca’s storytelling is expressed today through beautiful illustrations and wearable polymer clay creations.  True to her storytelling roots, here is her treasury, “To The Center of the Labyrinth”:
To the Center
Assisting in the telling of this wonderful story are the fabulous creations of the featured FAETeam members:
Bird of Paradise Up from the Ashes’ “Bird of Paradise Leather Mask”
Harvest Moon Faerie Spinning Castle’s “HARVEST MOON Faerie Princess Antler Crown Headdress made by Susan Tooker of Spinning Castle” (modeled by Sarah Froud)
Needle Felted Ludo Fairyspit “Needle felted sculpture- Ludo from Labyrinth”
Thank you again to all the wonderful curators who chose to include the artwork and creations of our team members, and kudos to our team members who were featured.  What inspirations you all are!


  1. What a treasure chest!
    (looks like some of the items in my treasury expired, dagnabbit!)

  2. Wonderful display of such talented artists! Thank you for sharing!