Friday, October 15, 2010

FAETeam is Steampunk’d

Under the new guidelines for posting treasuries, here is our first all-FAETeam member treasury!
Subtle Charm Curator From AJ of Erthe Fae Designs, where beautiful, one-of-a-kind fantasy jewelry is inspired by fantasy, mythology, and the beauty of the natural world, comes this steampunk menagerie, “FAESteam”:
To view the description, just click on the item’s button:
AeroPirum From Omar of Studio Rayyan:  "AeroPirum (mini print)"
Black and White Goddess From Lithia of Lithia’s Creations:  “Black And White Goddess Cameo Necklace”
Dashing Mulberry From Kimberly of Night Lily Design:  “Dashing Mulberry Lace and Satin”
Fantasy ART Print From Deanna of Fantasy Art of Deanna Davoli:  “Fantasy ART Print 5x7 Steampunk Cyberpunk Victorian Gears”
Lost in Time From Kelly of Trinket Alley:  “Lost In Time Amber Sea Glass Necklace”
Love Bird From Cat of Darkling Woods:  “Love Bird ACEO Limited Edition Print”
OOAK Leather From Sonya of Ancient Grove:  “OOAK Leather Lace Cuff in Deep Navy”
Original Steampunk From Sarah of Toadstools ‘n Treestumps:  “original steampunk inspired fae art doll, Inas”
Secret Garden From Julie of Mermaiden Creations:  “Secret Garden Statement Necklace”
Steampunk Baby Gargoyle From Mary of PhenomeGnome:  “STEAMPUNK BABY GARGOYLE STATUE - Fantasy Concrete Art”
Steampunk Belly Dancer From Melia of Be Mused Art:  “Steampunk Belly Dancer Digital Reproduction/Print 5x7
Steampunk Bracelet From Camilla of Danagonia:  “Steampunk Bracelet”
Steampunk Fairy Wings From Jennifer of Jenniveve’s:  “Steampunk Fairy Wings Spinning Dragonfly Gears Keys Hearts Renaissance Mardi Gras Cosplay”
Steampunk Ring From Corina and Julie of Earthfire Studios:  “Steampunk Ring - Dieselpunk Nut Ring”
Tempus Fugit From Tara of Tara Nova:  “Tempus Fugit Necklace”
The Poet From Shannon of Gypsy Moon Art Studio:  “The Poet. Antique Fountain Pen Nib and Copper Pendant.”


  1. Thank you for posting my Treasury! It was so much fun to put together :)