Friday, September 17, 2010

What the Moon Saw

Andrea of Beadmask has been selling beadwork and leather masks online since 1998, and at art shows and festivals before that. Her leatherwork is breath-takingly beautiful and is often seen in Etsy treasuries, but her beadwork is equally stunning and intricate. Here is "What the Moon Saw...", a most enchanting FAETeam treasury...

Sprinkled with moon dust and glowing with pride, meet these FAETeam members on whom the moon spied:

From Tara (aka JupiterPsyche) of Tara Nova: Starlight & Dirt: "8x10 The Dreamer Print"

From AJ of Erthe Fae Designs: "Avatar of the Moon Goddess -- Gothic Tribal Necklace"

From Doris of DEL Dream Art: "Barn Owl in flight Wooden box"

From Mary of PhenomeGnome: "BLACK CAT STATUE - Halloween Kitten Figure Sculpture"

From Julie of Mermaiden Creations: "Cobalt Blue Moondrops Crescent Moon Star Earrings by MermaidenCreations on Etsy"

From Samantha of Samantha Nowak Illustrations: "Companion 8x10 matted print"

From Karla of Thyme2dream: "Faerie Moon Goddess Ear Cuff Wrap"

From Deanna of Deanna Bach Art: "Gray Fae - ORIGINAL - fairy fantasy gothic art original watercolour by Deanna Bach"

From Meri (aka merigreenleaf) of Elfling Creations: "Grey and black beaded hemp necklace or anklet - Goddess of the Silvery Moon"

From Heather of Moonlit Herbals: "Insomnia Relief Inhalation Crystals - Aromatherapy beads to help lull you off to a peaceful sleep - With Lavender and Chamomile"

From Angela of Elemental Dragons: "Lowie the Loo Lizard"

From Angelia of On Gossamer Wings: "Moxie Fairy Wings - Goth - Cobweb Spider Wings"

From Sarah of Toadstools n Treestump: "ooak, cloth art doll, Nia the Star Fairy"

From Corina and Julie of Earth Fire Studios: "Steampunk Earrings - Steampunk Bug Earrings"

From Pamela of The Magic Sleigh: "Unicorn Porcelain Sculpture"

There are many who've written down
Just what the moon has seen
But they have never written down
Just where the moon has been

For she has been to fairyland
To spy upon a team
That makes and sells most everything
That dances in a dream

by FaerieKat

I hope you like the new buttonized thumbnails. I'm hoping now I won't have to tell people to click on them. What do you think?


  1. Kat, all the work you put in is awesome. Love the easy clickability.
    And the poem of the traveling moon :D

  2. Ooh FaerieKat, This is so beautiful!! You've outdid yourself again. I don't know how you do all this....I guess it's Magical! With a little help from the FaerieKat in the Moon.