Saturday, September 18, 2010

Falling for FAE

Julie of Mermaiden Creations is a chocolate-loving, Guiness-drinking, fairytale-reading, witch hat-wearing siren of the seas who channels nature and magic into her extraordinary creations with as much joy, wit and kindness as she raises and cares for her 3 young boys and music aficionado husband. An active FAETeam member, Julie is "Falling for FAE" this September:

Falling for Julie like the leaves from the trees are these featured FAETeam members:

From Karla of Thyme2dream: "Amber Fairy Circlet Tiara Crown"

From Shannon of Gypsy Moon Art Studio: "Archimedes in Love. Vintage Assemblage Necklace"

From David of Graphite Web: "Butterfly Fairy Art PRINT Limited Edition Drawing 11 x 14"

From Meri (aka merigreenleaf) of Elfling Creations: "Crocheted Autumn Wood Elf Bracers"

From Kat (aka FaerieKat) of Faerie Fabulous Finds: "Faerie Fall Fruit Brass Earrings Handmade on Etsy"

From Nicole and Stacey of Shamble Ramble: "Fall / Autumn Orange Cats Eyes Branch Bracelet"

From Janice of TangoCatGems: "Grapevine Wire Wrapped Bracelet"

From Deanna of Deanna Bach Art: "Kindreds - Red Fox - fairy fantasy gothic art print by Deanna Bach"

From Mary of PhenomeGnome: "MINIATURE GARDEN GNOMES - Concrete Vintage Style Mr and Mrs Gnome"

From Bandy (aka brandylinn18) of The Enchanted Garden: "Orange Moss Mushroom Terrarium in a Glass Jar- Mini Enchanted Fairy Toadstool Ladybug Faerie Garden"

From Sarah of Toadstools n Treestumps: "original cloth art doll Anu the fairy ooak"

From Andrea of Beadmask: "Sculpted Leather Bird Mask with Autumn Leaves"

From Sonya of Ancient Grove: "Silken Woodland Leaf Cuffs - Customize Your Own Pair"

From Cara of Carapace: "Sky Will Fill My Heart Mixed Media Original Canvas"

From Corina and Julie of Earthfire Studios: "Steampunk Ring Bronze Glass Dragonfly Ring"

When the wind begins to blow
And leaves fly from the trees
Scattering before your feet
And going where they please

That is when you can expect
Imaginations running wild
And fantasies taking shape
From FAE minds Fall beguiled

by FaerieKat


  1. Fae minds Fall-beguiled... I love that line!

    The blowing leaves are a special touch :]

  2. WOW! I'm falling for FAE and this beautiful Treasury! How can there be so much talent in one place! Kudo's

  3. Thank you all very much for visiting and commenting!