Saturday, September 11, 2010

Falling for Fall

This FAETeam treasury by FaerieKat of Faerie Fabulous Finds celebrates the changing colors of fall leaves as they shift from one hue to another. That doesn't actually happen where she lives, but she still remembers her days of living in more temperate climes when a drive through the mountains and countryside to view the Fall foliage was a much anticipated event. Here is "Falling for Fall":

Preparing the way to the crisp, clear days of Autumn are these fabulous creations:

Tender Yellow

"Print of Black Cat Halloween Art" by Cat of Darkling Wood

"8.5x11 Fantasy Fine Art Print, Autumn's Gaurdian" by Jessie of Faery Dust Art

"Fall / Autumn Gold Orange Amber Topaz Leaf Earrings" by Nicole and Stacey of Shamble Ramble

"Harvest Time at Autumns' End - Mounted Print" by Rosie of Autumn Alchemy

Green and Amber

"original cloth art doll, Adalee the autumn pixie ooak" by Sarah of Toadstools N Treestump

"Golden Autumn Witch Hat Purple Leaves and Roses Boutique Chic" by Julie of Mermaiden Creations

"SALE Small Fall Fairy Garden Butterfly Vine Wreath with Orange and Yellow Flowers and Faerie Crystals" by BrandyLinn of The Enchanted Garden

"Fire Dragon Necklace" by Camilla of Danagonia

Bronze and Copper

"Softly Striking pendant earrings" by Mary Anne of MiddleEarths Jewels

"Steampunk Ring Bronze Glass Dragonfly Ring" by Corina and Julie of Earthfire Studios

"ART PRINT 8x10 Fantasy Goddess Fire Digital Elf" by Deanna of Fantasy Art by Deanna Davoli ~ Ambient Arts

"Crochet Pendant With I Love My Cat Pin in Bronze, Gold, and Silver Against Bronze Ribbon, with Brown and Gold Sparkley Mohair Yarn Handmade on Etsy" by Sandy of Fairy Queen Crochet

Darkest Red

"No Ring on This Finger, No Walls on the This Sky Dark Goddesses Lilith Print" by Cara of Carapace

"Red and Gold Mini Cloak" by Kitty of Faire Treasures

"OOAK Soft Sculpture Cloth Art Doll The Autumn Harpist" by Cyn of The Fairies' Nest

"OOAK Iridescent Autumn Fall Fire Fae Fairy Wings Cosplay Renaissance Xylia" by Jennifer of Jenniveve's


  1. Kat has such a way with colors..and verse. A wonderful collection!

  2. FaerieKat has outdid herself with this one. These colors together are "Mucho Magnificent." Kudos!