Monday, September 13, 2010

A Fall Frolic with the Fae

Sarah of Toadstools n Treestump can hardly wait for Autumn as she dreams of Fall while enduring temperatures in the 80s and 90s. I'm sure there are many who can commiserate -- you are not alone, Sarah! -- and we thank you for your gorgeous FAETeam treasury, "A Fall Frolic with the Fae":

Let's all dream about the promise of Autumn by these featured FAETeam members:

"8.5x11 Fantasy Fine Art Print, Autumn's Gaurdian" by Jessie of Faery Dust Art

"Amber and Jet Mabon Ear Cuff" by Karla of Thyme2dream

"Baby Halloween Crow Sculpture - Raven Statue in a Witches Hat" by Mary of PhenomeGnome

"Candy is Dandy - award winning OOAK polymer clay sculpture" by Erin of Eirewolf Creations

"Cherry Amber Sea Glass Bracelet" by Kelly of TrinketAlley

"Dryad Leather Mask" by Rebecca of Up from the Ashes

"Fall Splendor Necklace" by Melissa of Rainwater Studios

"Halloween Moon ORIGINAL Art Drawing Pumpkin Scarecrow Dance Crow 6 x 6" by David of Graphite Web

"Lesidhe Autumn leaf Fairy (Faerie) Wings - Perfect for Halloween Costumes, Cosplay, Faires, Festivals, Fancy Dress Costume Parties, Clubbing and especially Weddings" by Angel of The Blu Pixie

"Mounted print 'Hoobyrd'" by Rosie of Autumn Alchemy

"NewFire lava earrings" by Mary Anne of MiddleEarths Jewels

"Pocket Mirror Little Miss Magic" by Cat of Darkling Woods

"Set of 2 Helix Renaissance Braids extension wig braid plait Rapunzel" by Tressa of PuppyCatMeow

"Stretchy Chainmaille Bracelet - Half-Persian Black and Orange" by Glen of Sneath's

"Witch Cat Original Watercolor Painting Illustration" by Melia of Be Mused Art

"Woodland Fairy copper wire wrapped necklace" by Shannon of Gypsy Moon Art Studio

It's So Hot!

Autumn's Guardian says cooler weather comes, I learn
It's so hot!
Oh, to dance Masked among the Dryads do I yearn
It's so hot!
With a Pumpkin Scarecrow I shall dance
It's so hot!
And with a Woodland Fairy, if I have the chance
It's so hot!
I shall Plait my hair in Helix Braids
It's so hot!
And chase the Hoobyrds round the glades
It's so hot!
Lesidhe Leaf Wings shall I sprout
It's so hot!
And "Candy is Dandy!" I shall shout
It's so hot!
On the lookout for Witch Cats shall I be
It's so hot!
So as to bribe them with Cherry Amber from the Sea
It's so hot!
I'll dress the Baby Crows for Halloween
It's so hot!
And give an Amber Ear Cuff to the Faerie Queen
It's so hot!
Then putting on my Chainmaille Orange and Black
It's so hot!
That no Lava or Fire can beat back
It's so hot!
With my Miss Magic Mirror shall I draw Autumn hither
It's so hot!
And Fall Splendor shall arrive as Summer dies to wither
Now it's not so hot
And we are all together.

for Sarah
by FaerieKat


  1. Easy 1...2...3. Read and write your own article. A new collabrative dimension -

  2. Hear Ye, Hear Ye, FAETeam makes the most magical, mystical, beautiful Treasuries of all.

  3. And FaerieKat makes the most magical of rhymes---"It's sooo hot!"