Sunday, August 1, 2010

Imagination Running Wild

Monica of AmoniCreations is inspired by the earthy and natural designs of the Elvish jewelry from Lord of the Rings, the mythical elegance of the Celtic knot designs, and the Romance of the Renaissance, Middle Ages, and Victorian eras. In her latest treasury, "Imagine," it is as though she has let her imagination run delightfully wild!

Let your imagination loose to run wild with these FAETeam member's fantastical items (click on the thumbnail to visit an item's listing):

FaeryDustArt's 8.5x11 Fine Art Print, Autumn Bookworm

Aquariann's Aware . breast cancer awareness fairy art magnet

FaerieKat's Faerie Folder with Writing Pad Handmade on Etsy - Mind of Her Own

BemusedArt's Fantasy Dragon Fairy Cat Mouse Laminated Bookmark

MoonlitHerbals' Flower Faerie Gemstone Perfume Oil with Rainbow Fluorite - To help de-stress, bring joy and playfulness and to help attract the Fae Folk

UpFromTheAshes' Forest Spirit Leather Mask for Those Forced to wear Glasses

OnGossamerWings' Mini Ariel Fairy Wings

Jenniveves' OOAK Repaint Autumn Fall Fairy Baby Oaklyn Doll

Thyme2dream's Red Fairy Elven Forest Triad Necklace


PhenomeGNOME's SLEEPING FAIRY On Garden Rock - Concrete Faerie Garden Statue

PuppyCatMeow's Two Double Helix Rapunzel Renaissance Braids extension wig

TheMagicSleigh's Unicorn with cat Porcelain Sculpture

AncientGrove's Woodland Leaf Cuffs in Spring Green and Silver

Go ahead...just imagine...

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