Friday, July 30, 2010

Fabulous Friday Treasuries

Now that I can search the Treasury for usernames, no one can hide! Working through the entire membership database, however, is going to take a great deal of time, so keep sending me links if you want to get your treasury posted in a timely fashion!

The treasuries are sorted by treasury title, as are member items. All the thumbnails along the left side of the post can be clicked to take you to that item's listing, including those for curators. And we love our curators!

FairieLady, purveyor of handmade fairy crowns and other magic, is not adverse to "A Bit of Fairy Fun,"

and neither is this featured FAETeam member and her creation:

FaerieKat's Faerie Tarot Bag in Fern Green Suede Handmade on Etsy - Heart of the Forest

4aReason creates jewelry from scrap and apparently does not have arachnophobia as evidenced by her treasury "Along Came a Spider,"

that shows off this FAETeam member's webby creation:

FaerieKat's A Tangled Web Crocheted Wire Bracelet Handmade on Etsy

RubySweetPea, of "Sweet Peas Floral: Altered Art, Decorated Gift Boxes and Magnets", created a gorgeous "Aqua and Cream What A Dream for My Bedroom" treasury (try not to drool as much as I did!)

Especially not on this FAETeam member's featured item:

FaerieKat's Faerie Folder with Writing Pad Handmade on Etsy - As Green as Absinthe

BrightCircle, a very colorful and talented gal, is also a lover of "Art",

including this FAETeam member's artistic expression:

AnneE's Icarus - Open Ended Archival Print - Signed

Reruns has a classy vintage shop and it looks like a lust for "Blood and Roses". Why do blood and roses always seem to go hand-in-hand? Have you peeked at the thorns on those roses?

There are no thorns on this FAETeam member's contribution (I hope!):

Julie of MermaidenCreation's Love is Red Roses Bouquet Necklace

Hollie of BlueberryShoes created a Fairytale Land where art, fashion and vintage come together to get you in touch with your magical side, but soon she'll be moving to California. Scoping out her future Etsy neighbors, "Cali Folk" was born.

We all know this FAETeam member is a fine example of Cali folk with a definite fairytale, magical side:

GypsyMoonArt's Vintage Fairy Couple Earrings

ByTheBead turns ampwork glass, polymer clay, natural stone and other unusual beads crafted into unique, colorful earrings, pendants and bracelets--all inspired "by the bead". Although there is a band called "Counting Crows," I have a feeling that is not what inspired this treasury! Perhaps, instead, a special bead?

This FAETeam member's contribution is something to crow about!

NightLilyDesign's Raven Moon Neck Ruff

LaNavaa works with natural elements and sterling silver, and her day of "Fun in the Sun" is a day filled with lots of flirty pink color:

And this FAETeam member's creation fits in perfectly:

88Links' Pink Pixie Toe Ring

OnThirdThought, where the jewelry is inspired by nature, you will also find an abundance of "Golden Fairy Dust"!

And this FAETeam member's fairy creation:

FaerieKat's Faerie Folder with Writing Pad Handmade on Etsy - Mind of Her Own

JewelryDrops, who created a new generation of hangers transforming the way you organize into a fun decorative art form, also created this cheerful "Green and Yellow" treasury:

And who is greener and yellower than this FAETeam member's amazing creature?

Aquariann's Peridot . dragon fantasy art pinback button

Cindy of CHRDesigns, creator of whimsical to elegant jewelry with inspiration from nature and attention to detail, pays homage to glowing "Heavy Metals":

And no one glows brighter than this FAETeam member's contribution:

GypsyMoonArt's Mina's Treasure. copper and black crystal necklace

MisoPretty, who creates jewelry and papercrafts, told the world, "I Love Leaves," and we loves her for it!

We also loves this FAETeam member's gorgeous featured item:

AncientGrove's Silk Leaf Earrings in Plum and Lilac

LittleDivasBling is where to go for hair bling, hairbows, jeweled barrettes, and flower bling for your little diva, and who better than the dresser of divas to create collage of all things fantastastical and medieval "In My Fantasies"? Let's follow her!

The shinning pebbles (no bread crumbs in this fantasy!) of these FAETeam member's fabulous items will lead the way:

MeredithDillman's Draco Lucis limited edition print 8x10 Dragon art by Meredith Dillman

VimaSunrider's The Little Mermaid Princess Tiara

Heidi (aka Emerald Waterhawk) of WaterHawksMetalwork is a metal clay artist who curated this delicately hued masterpiece of "Lavender Things and Butterfly Wings":

Featuring the fluttering efforts of this FAETeam member:

FaerieKat's Fluttering Amethyst Butterfly Necklace Handmade Etsy

LehmanParker Beads and Buttons sells good quality beads and buttons of all types and all vintages, and knows what's refreshing on a hot summer day, "Leaves of Grass":

We can be proud of our FAETeam member's prairie grass contribution:

ArabesqueArtsByDarcy's PrairieFire Bookmark

Rosita, the TrimGoddess, sells distinctive jacquard, woven trims, lace, fibers, buttons, and conchos, many of the items one needs if you want to yell, "Medieval Times, oh yeah!":

And we know these FAETeam members yell that frequently!

MyElegantMuse's Custom Color Wool Full Circle Cloak SCA Renaissance LARP Pagan Halloween

Archeress' Red freshwater pearl and crystal Renaissance inspired earrings with filigree - Lace

Archeress' SCA Chronicler Badge Hand Painted Cabochon Pin

Nihan of NihanAtakan, a Macedonian girl living in Instanbul who won an award for her Seljucks jewelry designs (a Sunni Muslim dynasty that ruled parts of Central Asia and the Middle East from the 11th to 14th centuries), created my idea of a designer's dream treasury, "My Peridot Style for You":

Which features this FAETeam member's dreamy green creature:

Aquariann's Peridot . dragon fantasy art magnet

Sharon and Louis of HurricanePottery will be donating 40% of their sales through July to the Audubon Institute for animals affected by the BP Oil Spill Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. They also curated this marvelous "Romance of the Renaissance" treasury:

Both of our FAETeam member's items fall into the romantic (not raunchy) arena, says I:

PuppyCatMeow's 7 strand Renaissance braided headband wig custom to your hair color

NightLilyDesign's Raven Moon Neck Ruff

MFIPC (My Flat in Paris Couture), who makes SATC (Sex and the City) ribbons and pearl designer signed jewelry, knows that "Ruffles, Ruffles and More Ruffles" is always a good thing!

And this FAETeam member thinks so, too!

FaerieKat's Blue Faerie Rose Crocheted Wire Cuff Handmade on Etsy

KatesFetes, who draws inspiration for her jewelry designs from the celebration of the seasons, their holidays, and the wonderful sensations they bring, has a "Secret Garden" to share:

I found this FAETeam member growing in her garden:

MermaidenCreations' Secret Garden Statement Necklace

Cheverly is on a much-needed vacation right now, but before she left she gave us this collection of all things tiny, blue, and "Smurfing Awesome":

And no FAETeam member item is more tiny and blue than this!

FaerieKat's Wee Fae Bowl Crocheted in Wire Handmade on Etsy

RecycledRockstah, another happy vacationer, created "Some Kinda Fairytale" to keep us happily entertained while she was gone:

And these FAETeam members put on quite a show!

PuppyCatMeow's Large Rosette wig Barrette made of hair custom to your hair color

AmoniCeations' Vintage Pink - Brass Filigree Pink Cats Eye Victorian Renaissance Necklace/Earring Set

NancysBagsEtc offers colorful, stylish, chic, and sturdy handmade purses, handbags, tote bags, organizers, clutches and more, and her treasury offers "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue":

I think this FAETeam member's item falls under something blue:

AnikasArt's Sea Fairy Earrings Peach Vintage Buttons

Jeanne of NannysRoom primarily works in watercolor and colored pencil and hails from Queen Creek, Arizona. Who better to bring us this lovely treasury filled with "Southwest Flavor"?

Featuring this FAETeam member's piece of southwestern fantasy flair:

88Links' Cowgirls Turquoise Toe Ring

Trenda of MaryGolightly, aka "tarotmama", is out of inventory right now, but she's a real "Tarot Afficiando":

As is this FAETeam member:

FaerieKat's Faerie Tarot Bag in Silvery Mink Grey Suede Handmade Etsy - Flowers in the Myst V2

DeanCustomDesigns, creator of the Purskey™, brings us a royal treasury entitled "The Elegance of Purple":

Amongst this purple elegance you will find this FAETeam member's exquisite item:

GypsyMoonArt's Daydreams silver cuff bracelet

At VaniasArtShop you will find whimsical dragonfly, teddy bear, elephant, flower, cat, frog, bird, Angel and Goddess resin pendants, and here you will find her "Whimsical Whimsy" treasury:

It features this FAETeam member's whimsical item:

FaerieKat's Flowers in Flight Faerie Queen Earrings Handmade on Etsy

I'll be working my way through the Membership List, so don't be surprised to see yourself here next week!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends of the fantastic!


  1. Holy treasury features, Batman!! Thank you so much for going above and beyond. ;D

  2. There's a whole lotta fantastic treasuries out there, eh?

  3. I couldn't help myself! I created a whole new Treasury inspired entirely by members of FEATeam!!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my 'Medieval Times, oh yeah!' treasury in this fantastic list.