Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's Treasures

Another week gone? Yep, and the calendar year is half over, too. Let's see who's been in the spotlight this past week and who braved the waters of Treasury East, shall we?

Julie of MermaidenCreations presented the magical story of "Briar Rose" as a fabulous treasury and included the Large Handcrafted Athame crafted by our own metalsmith, the Splendidfish:

Julie of MermaidenCreations also found the magical formula for "Bringing Joy" in another delightful treasury that features Thyme2dream's Fairy Star Joy Bubble Wand and CosmikFrogPhotograph's Magic Bubble- 11x17 Fine Art Print:

Terraworks, a clay artist, created a potter's "Dreamland~~~" that includes ladymudwerkes' Dragon Goblet:

Candace of CandaceDesigns loves HP methinks, and my first clue was her "Harry Potter Fan Forever!!!" treasury that includes MermaidenCreations' awesome Blood and Roses Witch Hat:

Maria of HeartshapedCreations in Greece based her treasury, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," not on the book by John Berendt, but on the lyrics of the song "Dead Gardens" by the Finnish band Nightwish. Included in this mesmerizing collection are MermaidenCreations' Fairy Bride Crown Woodland Wedding The Tirra Lirra by MermaidenCreations on Etsy and PhenomeGNOME's PEGASUS - RESTING IN THE MIST - Concrete Garden Figure:

In this next treasury there are no items featured by FAETeam members, but the treasury itself was created by a FAETeam member and it's absolutely faefabfantastically magical! From Cynthia of FairiesNest, I present a glorious treasury created in April, when "...a fairy went a marketing..." called "The Enchanted Forest":

Anat Bar Shalom of MandalaMagic1 in Israel created an interesting mix of the organic and inorganic in her treasury "trees (and diamonds) are forever" in which you will find LadyMudwerkes' Large Tree of Life - Mirror:

VoxyArts salvages purses from their local thrift stores and transforms them into original voxyarts treasures, just like they transformed this treasury of "Bohemian Nights" featuring GypsyMoonArt's The Eyes Have It- copper eye ring:

What does beezmiller of Sock Creature Central know about renaissance festivals? Why, quite a lot actually! Check out her treasury, "Getting Ready for Ren Fest!" featuring CrystalKittyCat's Medium Pirate Hair Jewels:

Sarah of ToadstoolsNTreestump shows us the magic and beauty of nature's woody wonders in her latest treasury, "Into the Woods," which showcases her Folkvar (ooak, art doll, troll), SusanSchroderArts' Golden Wood Dryad Treasure Keeper Box, and wyldewoodpapers' Handmade paper and twig leaf sculpture - The Gift:

Nancy of NancysRomance shows us that "Swirls Are Pretty" in her very pretty treasury featuring Aquariann's Peridot . dragon fantasy art magnet:

What an exciting week! Congratulations to Julie for creating her first two treasuries in Treasury East. I can't wait to see who will try their hand next at treasury making and who will find themselves in a collection next week.

Bendithion and Faerie Blessings!


  1. FK, your narratives are so fine :D
    these collections are a feast for the eyes.

  2. Thanks, mermaiden, trying to keep it interesting, fun and fresh. I soooo appreciate your support of this endeavor!