Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Treasury Chest

It's the end of the week again, and here are the treasuries that featured the work of our FAETeam members:

Jean of Baisimu (which means "happiness" in Chinese characters/seal) added "The Countess- Red and black wire wrap ring" by gypsymoonart in her brilliant treasury appropriately named "All things red and black":

Tracy (aka mztracyr) of A Fabulous Flair found a particular piece of art by Aquariann, "Ashley . fairy art magnet" to be the perfect shade for her new treasury, "Guess that's why they call it the blues...":

The Soap Goat Soap Shop created a cool, Goth vampire treasury called "Spoooooooooooky" and included among the eerie and wonderful collection gypsymoonart's "Anastasia vintage key earrings" and MoonlitHerbal's "Genuine Antique Square Coffin Nails from the 1800's - Set of two - Perfect for protection spells, inscribing candles and adding to amulet/mojo bags - LIMITED SUPPLY" (not having ever read a Twilight book is obviously not a handicap!):

Our last round-up treasury this week is brought to us by TotallyLegalPot, who encourages us to "Get Totally Addicted To Pot...Mosaic Style! His treasury, "The Eyes Have It," features such eye-carumba peepers as "The Next Realm wire wrapped eye ring" by gypsymoonart:

Congratulations to all of our artisans for their featured spots and hearty thanks to the curators who singled them out. Have a fantasy-filled weekend and let me know whenever YOU are in the spot-light.

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