Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FAE Monthly Art Dare: Rose Moon

Faerie Flower Bough Necklace by Faeriekat

It's June, and the summer heat and lingering green of the spring rains have the ripest flowers ready for picking! The full moon shines on competing fireflies, singing frogs, and the secret bloom of roses in the night. The FAEteam has gathered the rarest blooms to share:

FaerieKat is playing with cloudyarn and grass to weave a Blue Faerie Rose Crocheted Wire Cuff :

NightLily's Faerie Hair Flowers grow only in the sky gardens- but she may pick you a pair, if you ask!

Mermaiden finds her roses somewhere else entirely to make a most unexpected bouquet for her Til Death Do Us Part Skully Fairy Bride Earrings:

Be sure to come back for next month's challenge, when we'll try to gather in our Hay before the Thunder Moon catches up to us! And convo Carapace on Etsy to play along!


  1. Great commentary, Carapace, and wonderful dare pieces by Mermalicious and LovelyLily, too! Mwah!

  2. leave it to me to be the creepy one amidst the lovely romantic pretties. oh well- get used to it! :P
    gorgeous summery words carapace...