Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Old Magic

Down through the ages, on cave walls, tombs, manuscripts and by word of mouth. Magic is afoot.

Ancient Eye Amulet by Splendid Fish.
Egyptian Wall Painting by Misty Isle Art.

Cockatrice Claw Charm by Orpheus Alchemy.
Apprentice Magic Quill by Gilded Quill.
Initiation by Gypsy Moon Art.


  1. Oooo! Rich in mystery and wonder.

  2. Magic, Magic, All in the air,
    Magic, Magic, It's everywhare.
    In the creepy all-seeing eye,
    Gaze on the wall, it might make you high.
    Watch out for the claw, it might spew fire.
    Beware the Quill, it might make you a liar.
    And if you are brave, the initiation
    might make you enslaved!

    And Bravo, Bravo, to you all! xxx Sandy
    P.S. I never met a rhyme I didn't like.

  3. Truly magical creations!
    ..and I wish I was as talented with words as FairyQueen with her inspiring verse..:)

  4. Captivating works! And such lovely words the collection inspired in Sandy. :D

  5. Great selections, thanks for including my necklace.