Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hooray for May Day!

Frivolity and celebration, bonfires and Maypoles, music and laughter- welcome May! In many traditions, the first of May (or thereso abouts) heralds the first day of summer and the sun is honored with fire! And passion! And well, other stuffs that go along with those things. Beltane is the name of the Celtic holiday with a long and hearty history. A few of the FAE team folks seem to appreciate this auspicious day:

Conquering Spring print by Jupiter Psyche
Beltane Soap Cupcakes by Greenhaven Soaps
Summer Whispers by Susan Schroeder Arts
Summer Witch by Carapace

So take your fae selves out into the garden and collect the first dew of the day, sprinkle it about yourself for a dose of faerie beauty. You made need an extra dash if you've been out in the woods all night a-maying and carrying on.


  1. Oh, I love the Summer Witch!

    Tomorrow is moving day for me-- seems auspicious!

  2. What lovely pieces! May everyone have a merry Beltane.

  3. I got hooked to the extra dash of dew after my back surgery. It was hard to come off it. Had to do it cold turkey. That stuff is addictive.

    BUt the work above is fantastic. I want to eat the soap.


  4. Check out my monthly column at Huzzah! for the faeries at Beltane!

  5. That extra dash of dew,
    Is not that good for you.
    It could give our Spring,
    an extra dash of Green.
    But let's dine on Cake down by the lake.
    Summer Whispers to "build a Bonfire",
    For the Witches to dance for the town-cryer.
    But the beautiful Blue Bells herald the day,
    To sing and laugh and celebrate May.

    I just can't resist to dine on my rhymes,
    xxx Sandy

  6. Great post! Great creations! Great Day! Yay!!