Sunday, April 25, 2010

FAE Art Dare April 2010: Color and Eggs in the Grass

Spring is properly underway! And so are the artistic efforts of the Fantasy Artists of Etsy, celebrating the time of new growth. Birds are building their homes and the most delicate flowers are making themselves seen. Spring is the time of the Egg Moon, the Pink Moon, and of course the Grass Moon, for above and around everything are the new green sprouts growing high...

Grass Moon Necklace by SplendidFish:

and someone walks in the morning grasses, leaving no footprints...

SamanthaNowak's Spring Nymph:

looking for a spot of color to match the Pink Moon

FaerieKat's Venetian Glass, Rhodonite Bead and Mesh Ribbon Necklace - Prelude to Spring


to weave in with the fresh grasses to adorn herself

Meri Greenleaf: Pink and green flower hemp necklace or anklet - A Frog's Garden:

and perhaps win the heart of Someone at the Spring Festival.

Hopeful Heart by Gypsymoon:

Mind you, there are less...elegant celebrations!

Carapace: Prophetic Chickens Exalt the Spring Moon


  1. i had no idea chickens were prophetic!
    beautiful creations, and a newcomer! i'll be back in the mix for the next one :D

  2. Really great stuff.

    I thought the moon was made of cheese?


  3. Lovely! Really capture the essence of spring. :)

    ~ miss chris

  4. How fabulous and fun!

    Personally, I need one of those chickens.

  5. Excellent exhibit!

    I think I've fallen in love with a spring nymph.

  6. Gorgeous work everyone!! I can't believe I missed participating this month! I have a whole collection of pink stuff.