Sunday, February 14, 2010

Your Love is Better than Chocolate

Eye candy to make you swoon with love...Happy Valentine's Day, from the FAE.

The giving of a faery's heart is a serious matter indeed. Magick Mermaid Studio.

Thyme2dream whispers sweet nothings...

Athena's Armoury enslaves your heart.

Nthegroove loves you to death.

A big hug goes out to Geoffrey Chaucer, who in the High Middle Ages introduced the celebration of Valentine's Day. Quite a playful juxtaposition to his satirical writings which often included much bawdy talk of venereal diseases and inappropriate vernacular for the day. I'm thinking it wasn't his intention that chivalry would make it such an honorably romantic remembrance day ;D


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! What lovely FAE choices. :D

  2. Happy Valentine's Day FAE's! Thanks for featuring my maille heart!

  3. Lovely selections!! Happy Valentine's Day!!♥

  4. Lovely pieces! Happy belated Valentines!