Saturday, February 20, 2010

Twas Brilig

Have you looked up into the night sky recently, expecting a peaceful quietude of winter starlight, only to find the glowing grin of the Cheshire Cat hanging creepily above?

A harbinger for all of us who are anxiously anticipating Tim Burton’s upcoming film, to be sure. But also a scientific explanation, which is of course just another way to describe *magic*.

This Cheshire Moon (also called a Wet Moon after Hawaiian mythology, where the moon is a bowl filling up with water) looks just like that crazy feline smile. The crescent has its horns pointing upwards, away from the Earth, at a bit of an angle.

This is the result of the tilting, orbiting dance of the moon and the Earth, and is as good of an explanation as you’re going to get from me. For those of you less interested in cosmic vagaries, feel free to beat your head against Wikipedia.

Pleased to share some lovely FAE offerings which make me smile, too.

Archeress has created this beautiful horned moon.

Faery Spell Creations has the perfect pouch for you to take to a tea party.

Bunnykissed has a sweetly smiling Kawaii Moon.


  1. I like the scientific info, having a geeky heart, but I still have been enjoying the magick of that gorgeous tipped crescent the past few nights. It looks like a horned moon to me.

  2. I have never heard "Cheshire moon" before but it's a perfect description!

  3. I love moon lore, scientific and post and lovely selections:)

  4. Wow... the 'wet moon' Hawaiian mythology..inspires one to create something 'lunar' ..lovely pendant..

  5. A delightful explanation, thank you! What magical creations this Cheshire moon inspired!

  6. Wonderful post! All awesome pieces, but the Kawaii Moon gives me a cheshire grin of my own. :D