Monday, February 29, 2016

Member Interview: Martinique Louise Fisher Art

Martinique Louise Fisher Martinique Louise Fisher is a fine art painter inspired by the romanticized past. Human emotion and how memory affects our view on our present reality fascinates her. She is currently working on a tarot deck and a few books.

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How did you learn your craft?
I have been drawing since I was two years old. Art is what I have always known. I live and breathe it.

What advice would you give to other Etsy sellers?
My advice would be to network with like-minded people and push your products on many different blogs and sites. Also, helping others out and giving advice is a great way to receive advice in return and get invited to different shows and events. If you are unwilling to help out fellow artists and only view others as competition, it will not get you very far.

What sparked your love for fantasy?
I have always loved fantasy. I have used fantasy both as a way to escape from this world for a little while and give myself time to create my own world and explore, as well as used fantasy to comment on how I feel about the word from an outside perspective. Fantasy allows us to see ourselves from an objective perspective, and evaluate who we really are as well as who we want to be.

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