Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Member Interview: Feathery Leathery

Azalyne and Aurelius Profile on Etsy Azalyne Skye and Aurelius Rune of Feathery Leathery craft cosmically divine one of a kind leather masks, witch hats, pirate eye patches and fantasy accessories.

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How did you come up with your shop name?
Aw-'Muse'-ing as the conversation was, half-jokingly Azalyne expressed a desire to create one of a kind feather adornments, "Feathery," she stated. Laughing, Aurelius replied "and Leathery," which just so happened to be his creative forte. Thus Feathery Leathery was born, an illustrious combination of earth and sky.

What sparked your love for fantasy?
Azalyne: When I was between the ages of 3-5 years old my mother would take me to Bidwell Park in Chico, Ca where I was raised. Chico has magical old trees and I was afraid of the large Oak trees because I could see these branchlike creatures, with red eyes and an intense energy moving about and watching me from above. I was quite little and I remember them frightening me terribly. My mother obviously didn't believe me and told me it was just my imagination. Eventually I stopped seeing them :( It wasn't until my early 20's when I was gifted Brian Froud's book, Good Faeries Bad Faeries, that I discovered his drawings of the oak men, the same creatures that I had seen as a small child. He has drawn them exactly the way they look!! That very early experience tuned me into the unseen worlds that live within/beside our earthly human realm. As an artist I strive to bridge the gap between those worlds and bring thru that otherworldly magic to the here and now. Tolkien has definitely left his mark on my imagination, as well.

Aurelius: In 7th grade at Waldorf a friend came to school talking about Astral Projection and traveling to other dimensions and worlds. I was instantly fascinated!! Since that moment I've been a lifelong student of energy, magic and ones ability access other states of consciousness.

If you were a fantasy character or creature, what would you be and why?
Azalyne: A Faerie Queen, because I am very much connected to those realms and communicate regularly with the elementals, devas and mycelial intelligence. I don't feel of this time and place or these modern ways. I am most at home mushroom hunting, collecting medicinal herbs, foraging for wild foods ... I love to play in the woods, climb trees and play my harp for Mother Earth.

Aurelius: A Jedi Knight, because I am very kinesthetic and I can feel the force! I just haven't figured out how to master it yet!

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  1. Welcome to the team! Love your leatherwork, especially the filigree bracelets.