Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Member Interview: Dryad Tea

Dryad Tea Profile on Etsy Rubiee of Dryad Tea hand-blends her one of a kind artisan teas with health and happiness in mind. Whimsy and fantasy brews in every loose leaf.

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What sparked your love for fantasy?
I've loved Fantasy for as long as I can remember, those were the only books I read, and as a child my Father gave me "The Last Unicorn" on VHS - which I promptly watched until it fell apart.

If you were a fantasy character or creature, what would you be and why?
Pooka!!! I like to have fun, and sometimes can be a trickster.

What do you do when not crafting?
I melt glass, write and sing in a band, Pandora Celtica. I also work as a receptionist ... but that's not as exciting.

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  1. I'm waiting for my first order of Dryad Tea! I'm so excited :)

  2. I just bought 5 new flavors for me and 1 for a friend :D It was fantastic to be able to do the sniff test- I told your tea wranglers that I needed an order sheet like you get with sushi as I wrote out my wish list :)

  3. Rubiee, your teas sound amazing! I may have to go shopping...

  4. I've been eyeing your teas for awhile! They just sound so wonderful. Nice to read more about you. The Last Unicorn was one of my favorites too! ;)