Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Looking Forward to Fall

Julie of Mermaiden Creations has caught the winds of change in this FAETeam treasury:

Turning Away from Summer

Seeking that shift, where autumn begins to overtake summer.
Find more enchanted items by searching *faeteam*.

RESERVED for Brandie

Warthog Tusk Belt Bottle

Fairy Lights Magic Forest Pr...

Key To Your Heart Crescent M...

OOAK Handmade Iridescent Ste...

Sherwood -- handmade paper a...

Birch Bark Mask

Wolf Hunter Chain Maille Nec...

Beaded Pomegranate Faerie Ne...

Burnt Orange Mini Cloak

Miniature Steampunk House - ...

Garden Gnomes German Style Y...

Sterling Silver 3 in 3 loop ...

Beaded Bracelet: "Red H...

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