Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making FAE Ears Ring

AJ of ErtheFae Designs has collected so many rings in one place, you might think your ears are ringing!

More rings than you have fingers!

A gorgeous assortment of rings, big and small (mostly big!) to make a statement. All created by the artists of FAETeam!

Japanese Chain Maille Eterni...

Steampunk Ring - Moonstruck

Wire Wrapped Ring: "Fro...

Rohan Ring

Custom Eye Ring

Stretch Diamond Chain Maille...

Butterfly Ring Tutorial Sal...

Mini Octopus Adjustable Ring

Verdigris Sparrow Vintage Co...

Ring Handmade - Spirit Ring

Lionheart: Stretchy Chainma...

Heart of Inara Serenity Ring

Labradorite Rainflower Elven...

Swarovski Rose Filigree Ring...

Berzerker Viking Ring

Helm Ring II in Sterling Sil...


  1. Wow, you're posting these fast today, FKat! Thanks so much <3