Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not Your Average Ponies

It wouldn't be right to say that Anne of Ankolie's Corner plays the ponies, but I think it's safe to say that she sure loves magical horses.  Anyone want to bet on it?

My Magical Pegasus

"Heaven dances in your eyes, my love
Always I see this haven above
Perfect is this beautiful place
Perfect as the flower that is your face
You presence lifts me; we shall fly
Love, to dance the starry sky
Ours for the taking, each clear drop of morn
Veil of darkness shall swift be torn
Ever, my dear, my love will be true
Return that love is all I wish of you"

The Faerie Child (print)

Sunset . unicorn fantasy art...

Rose the Unicorn

Unicorn Original Painting

Unicorn Pendant

Unicorn Cameo Swarovski Crys...

Needle felted Unicorn baby p...


ACEO - Unicorn - Watercolor

Crystal Point, Lapis, and Ta...

Roan Unicorn with blue eyes ...

A Kinder Unicorn Print

Unicorn card, blank interior

Oh My Uni, Custom Costume Un...

MAERIL - Handcarved Organic ...

pet hat - unicorn

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