Sunday, February 27, 2011

Madness and Mayhem for March

Sandy, our Faerie Queen Crochet, has gazed into her crystal ball and here is what she has foreseen for March in her delightful Etsy treasury:

March....Mayhem And Madness

Before the spring deliciousness,
March roars loudest alone.
Making cruel creaks and howls,
For all to fear going home.
The forest revels in its spookiness,
The last blast of winter peril.
Laughing at the birds and bears,
Waiting to unfurl.
So play along with Winter's final kiss
For Spring will shine it into a feeble hiss!

Green Man

Star Stretch . wolf moon fan...

Original ACEO - Hollow Ichig...

watercolor original painting...

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Mean Old Goat - grumpy faun ...

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Golden Wood Dryad 11x14 Pr...

Just For You

SALE 50% OFF -- Now, Dinah.....

Gnomes Cake Topper "Cus...

Jerome Mouse. Thinkin' W...

ooak fantasy cloth art doll ...

IL Usiva Luminae

Monster Tea Party Fantasy Ar...

custom created greenman pend...

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