Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Have a Very Fairy Cool Blue Christmas

Snow Pixie Anika of Anika’s Art, a haven of fantasy sculptures, sparkling jewelry, paintings and drawings, as well as unusual art made with gourds and eggs, created this chilly but delightful “Have a Very Fairy Christmas - A FAE Gift Guide in Blue”:
Have a Very Fairy Christmas A FAE Gift Guide in by AnikasArt
Visit with these FAETeam members, who have done their very best to put that nip in the air that tells us the winter season is upon us and that tis time for the ringing out of seasons greetings:
Ancient Eye Corbin of Splendid Fish presents “Ancient Eye Bracelet (2)”
Apple iPad Kevin of The Haunted Studio Under the Stairs presents “Apple iPad Netbook Padded Case Sleeve Printed With Original Fantasy Art By Kevin King Free Shipping”
Aqua Blossom Janine of Athena’s Armoury presents “Aqua Blossom Rosette Choker”
Beaded Tribal AJ of Erthe Fae Designs presents “Beaded Tribal Necklace, Handmade with Sequin Beads”
Blue D20 Dice Meri of Elfling Creations presents “Blue D20 Dice Keychain - Castle of the Clouds”
Blue Moon Kimberly of Night Lily Design presents “Blue Moon Raven Feather Neck Ruff”
Ceramic Dragon Deb of Deb’s Details presents “Ceramic Dragon purple blue hues”
Cobalt Blue Julie of Mermaiden Creations presents “Cobalt Blue Moondrops Crescent Moon Star Earrings”
Ethereal Gifts Kat of Faerie Fabulous Finds presents “Ethereal Gifts -- Unusual Items - WEE FAE BOWL - Wire Crochet - Handmade on Etsy”
Fairy Bower Karla of Thyme2Dream presents “Fairy Bower Necklace Moonlight Blue”
Frosty Winter Lithia of Lithia’s Creations presents “Frosty Winter Rose Flower Cabochon Necklace”
Set of Three Mary of PhenomeGnome presents “Set of Three Pot Feet Fleur De Lis Decorative Concrete Flower Pot Risers”
Silver Tadd of Hawkwolf's Armory and Accoutrements presents “Silver Chain Maille Japanese Weave Bracelet with Beautiful Wrapped Seraphinite”
Snow White Cara of Carapace presents “Snow White Wolves Dance Around the New Old Winter Moon in Blue January Midnight”
Winter Kristin of Aquariann presents “Winter . fairy fantasy art ornament”
Wonderland Shannon of Gypsy Moon Art Studio presents “Wonderland. Verdigris Keyhole Necklace.”
Stay warm, y’all!


  1. I'm so happy to be in this one, it's gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful Blues....so gorgeous together!! Just sooo shimmering! KUDOS!