Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Luxurious Indulgences Gift Guide

This week we turn our attention to the high-end offerings from Fantasy Artists of Etsy. Visit the treasury Luxurious Indulgences from FAETeam to see our suggestions for gifts that will truly wow the receiver with your generosity and impeccable good taste. From custom faerie houses to original oil paintings to jewelry dripping with crystals, we have it all!

First, we have a Dramatic Beaded Leather Bird Mask in Burgundy, Bronze and Black by Beadmask. Perfect for masquerade balls, renaissance faires and faerie festivals!

The Woodland Fairy Silk Wrap Skirt (OOAK) by AncientGrove would also be appropriate for any of those events. The beaded details are especially beautiful -- make sure to check out the close-ups!

Any faerie would be pleased to receive Spinning Castle's amazing Harvest Moon Faerie Princess Antler Crown Headdress. Featuring crystals, leaves, and vintage antlers, it's the sort of unique treasure that costumers dream about building an outfit around.

For the art lover, earthfirestudios offers up The Reefbuilder Mermaid OOAK Original Oil Painting by Corina St Martin. This beautiful, framed painting pops with gorgeous tropical colors.

Gardeners delight in the work of PhenomeGNOME, whose Guardians of the 4 Winds Sculpture Concrete Pagan Statue shows that garden art can be just as beautiful and nearly as detailed as a fine painting.

MelissaChaple provides the most expensive and over-the-top gift in our guide -- The Cotswold Cottage Fairy Dolls House Custom Order for the Hopelessly Enchanted. This is the sort of once-in-a-lifetime gift that most faerie art collectors can only dream about.

Jewelry is a favorite luxurious gift, like this Daydreams silver and purple wire wrapped cuff bracelet from gypsymoonart, which is perfectly suited for romantic and elegant attire.

Witches love luxury, too, and the discerning spellcaster turns to mermaidencreations for head-turning chapeaus like this Witch in Wonderland Alice Hat.

Opals are one of the first stones that come to my mind when I think luxury, and MiddleEarths combines opal and lava to stunning effect in the Opal lava stone pendant 'SouthernStar.' Wow!

Birdhouses, on the other hand, are usually not a glamorous gift... But when you see the Pyrography Rocket Birdhouse by MotherSpoon you might change your mind. What a beautiful, artistic gift for the backyard birdwatcher!

If you have a loved one who is about to celebrate a wedding or the birth of a new child, I suggest the elegant gift of a Custom Wedding Scroll or Birth Announcement Illuminated Manuscript Document created by archeress.

Swarovski Crystals have a long association with luxury, and FaerieKat puts them to stunning use in her Full Moon Magic Crystal and Sterling Handmade Bracelet. This is the sort of versatile piece that goes with everything, making it a nearly-practical indulgence.

And now if I, ErtheFae, can toot my own horn, the combination of beadweaving, a vintage crystal, an art bead, and lots of lovely leaves makes Elvensoul my personal choice for beaded luxury.

Handmade dolls are a popular indulgence for collectors, and Tatiana Queen of the Faeries soft sculpture art doll by JordanRou is the sort of detailed, beautiful creation that makes a collector's heart sing.

The right gift can leave the recipient feeling like royalty, and Princess in Blue collar necklace by krummenacker is designed to do just that.

Finally, on a cold winter day, no gift feels more luxurious than a pair of handmade gloves. Merigreenleaf provides the perfect combination of warmth and art with her Phoenix and Fire Painted Fingerless Gloves.

Thank you for joining me on this tour of the indulgent side of FAETeam. Don't forget to browse our shops and check out our other gift guides for more great ideas!

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