Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gifts for the Guys!

Manly Men Like FAETeam, Too! That's the name of the treasury and the message of this blog post. FAETeam is not just for the ladies... we have a few talented gentlemen amongst our ranks, and we also create art with the men in mind.

If you're looking for a sexy gift for the man in your life, Odelle is a painting from krummenacker that perfectly fits the bill. Her black feathers and flowing blond hair discreetly preserve her modesty, but only barely. And the bold colors of the image are well-suited to masculine decor.

Jewelry may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it's time to shop for the men on your gift list, but FAETeam has a lot of masculine jewelry available. Chainmaille is always a popular choice and we have stunning examples from several sellers. Merigreenleaf has a Black and Red Rubber Chainmaille Bracelet that is perfect for Goth guys. Youvegotmaille's Taranis Dragonback Bracelet features a really cool weave reminiscent of vertebrae. And from 88links, a Captured Chain Bracelet in versatile silver that will go with everything in his wardrobe.

Of course, maille isn't the only option! You may not typically think of cameos when it comes to jewelry for boys, but you'll change your mind after seeing the Ninja Skull and Dragon Red Cameo Necklace from lithiascreations. For the man of faith, rainwaterstudios has a Rustic Cross Pendant. Gypsymoonart's Copper and Brass Bracelet is perfect for the rugged man with a love of hand-crafted objects. If you're looking for a more traditional jewelry gift, Steampunk Cufflinks from earthfirestudios are the perfect choice.

If your man is a fan of pirates, we've definitely got you covered! Myelegantmuse offers Pirate Poet Shirts custom made in your choice of color and size. The Men's Renaissance Pirate Shirt from MidnightsMeadow is a great versatile top for any costume. Of course, ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, pirates have been rocking the Hair Jewels and CrystalKittyCat has got you more than covered with her great selection. If you're looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the pirate fan man, aquariann's Arr Bookmark is just what you need.

Women often get nice soaps for the holidays, but men are usually left out. shesthatgirl has a Black Magic Face Bar that looks manly enough for the machoist man thanks to the addition of charcoal.

T-shirts are often a fall-back gift for guys, at least in my circle. For the goth or literature geek, you can't go wrong with the Edgar Allan Poe T Shirt from lennonstudio.

We even have gifts for the biker in your life. PhenomeGNOME offers custom Biker Garden Gnomes in your choice of color and saying. Make sure to order early as Mary is one busy gnome during the holidays!

And last but far from least, if you want a gift that will truly wow the man in your life, have a look at this stunning Large Handcrafted Athame by SplendidFish. This is one of the most amazing handmade blades I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a few. It's rare to find one complete with a gorgeous scabbard like this. Just wow.

Remember, don't just limit yourself to the items in the treasury! Many of these sellers have other similar items in their shops which may suit your particular menfolk better, or maybe you'll set off in an entirely different direction. Feel free to explore our shops!


  1. Really really terrificly presented, Ms ErtheFae! Dudes can be hard to shop for, and there's a ton of inspiration here.