Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Decorate for the Holidays with FAETeam

I don't really decorate for the holidays, but putting together this gift guide is making me question my decision! FAETeam has so many beautiful holiday items, whether its Christmas ornaments, tree toppers, or art prints to adorn your walls. I even found some wassail soap to give your bathroom a festive touch!

Check out Decorate for the Holidays with FAETeam to see all of the gorgeous seasonal offerings in this week's gift guide!

And just for fun, let's get the comment section going! Tell me about your favorite decoration, or your favorite decorating story or memory. Let's talk ornaments, lights, and of course, how cats and dogs and little kids can cause so much trouble with a decorated tree :)


  1. Great guide, AJ! Last year I decided to leave the white lights up around inside my living room window to use all year long. They make the fairy ornaments that are dangling from my lamp very happy. :D

  2. I am lovin' that faerie door ornament!

  3. since the kids are older, the traditional decorating the tree hasnt been as much fun, now with the addition of the grandbaby, we are looking forward to a whole lotta renewing of old family traditions, like her first ornament and stocking!