Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It’s a Woodland Masquerade!

In the darkest depths of the Woodland Realms,
The Fae hold court on a moonlit night
A Masquerade Ball for their delight.
Mystery, whimsy, and they frolic and reel,
The faint hint of music, carried on the breeze,
Is it real?
Twinkling lights, as all do make merry,
But watch where you step,
Lest you trod on a fairie!
by Valorie Wilson
of The Fairie Bower
Absinthe Fairy Valorie of The Fairie Bower, purveyor of original art and design (and poetry!) and new FAETeam member (whew! what a busy little fairy!), is hosting a fantasy masquerade ball and you are all invited – just drop in on her incredible treasury, “Woodland Masquerade”:
Woodland Masquerade
Adding to the party atmosphere and merriment are these featured FAETeam members and their fabulous fantasies:
Cell Phone Charm “Cell phone charm Ruby fantasy art by Meredith Dillman” from Meredith of The Art of Meredith Dillman
Elaborate “Elaborately Feathered Circus Bird Leather Mask in Greens and Gold” from Andrea of Beadmask
Goth “Gothic Princess Skeleton Cameo Ring” from Kelly of Trinket Alley
I'm Late “I'm Late, Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Print” from Cat of Darkling Woods
Kindreds “Kindreds - Owl (Midnight Masquerade) - fairy fantasy gothic art print by Deanna Bach” from Deanna of Deanna Bach Art
Large Handcrafted Athame “Large Handcrafted Athame” from Corbin of Splendid Fish
Pumpkin Spice “Pumpkin Spice Tutu comes with the Sash and Hairwear by Nixie” from Toni of Nixie Faerie
Smeeker “Smeeker of the Celestial Clan - ELEMENTAL DRAGONS” from Angela of Elemental Dragons
Sparkly Sunshine “Sparkly Sunshine Earrings” from Camilla of Danagonia
Woodland Fairy “Woodland Fairy Silk Wrap Skirt OOAK” from Sonya of Ancient Grove
Don't be late!


  1. Simply enchanting! Beautiful poetry!

  2. Our Treasuries are the most beautiful and wonderous and enchanting of all on Etsy!!!

  3. Fantastic treasury...colourful and inspiring :)