Thursday, October 7, 2010

FAETeam Meets Fae Nation

Bryony Whistlecraft is the assistant editor of Faeries and Enchantment (FAE) magazine, a UK publication, and former UK editor of Faerie Magazine.  Known as TangleFaerie, she is also the face behind some amazing new Etsy treasuries featuring FAETeam members and as Tangle Catkin, she is the author of the website, Fae Nation, where she has blogged about these very same treasuries *SQUEE!*.

Dwelling in Enchantment:

Featuring the creation of this FAETeam member:
Fairy Garden “FAIRY GARDEN SIGN PLAQUE - Don't Piss Off The Fairies” by Mary of PhenomeGnome

Lovely Things for Little Folk:

Lovely Things
Featuring the creation of this FAETeam member:
Cavalier “Cavalier with an Acorn” by Omarr of Studio Rayyan

Midsummer Masquerade:

Featuring the creations of these FAETeam members:
Queen Titania “QUEEN TITANIA Faerie Magic Ritual Wand with Jewel Handle and Celtic Spirals by Spinning Castle” by Susan
Silken “Silken Woodland Leaf Cuffs - Customize Your Own Pair” by Sonja of Ancient Grove

Woodland Wanderings:

Featuring the creation of this FAETeam member:
Woodland Mini Cloak “Woodland Mini Cloak” by Kitty of Faire Treasures
I’m sure there will be faerie more featured FAETeam members in the future!  Thanks, Tangle!


  1. Just loving all the FAE and foresty themes!

  2. I'm wandering in all this enchantment! Sooo Enchantinglicious!

  3. Its been a pleasure perusing etsy for all these lovelies! I'm sure there will be more Fae Nation etsy picks in the not too distant future :)