Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday's Treasure Hoards

We have eight delicious treasuries featuring FAETeam members this past week and it's time to share the goodness and the people who discovered them!

Tuca of MagicalMysteryTuca, a mistress of gorgeous mandala magic, created a very earthy and organic "Into the Forest..." treasury featuring FaerieKat's Faerie Folder with Writing Pad Handmade on Etsy - As Green as Absinthe:

Christine of ChristinesBeadworks, a marvelous manipulator of tiny beads, found herself "Magic Hat Inspired" by one of her own gorgeous creations and a treasury followed that features GypsyMoonArts' beautiful Freya. Sterling Silver Pentacle:

Shannon of GypsyMoonArt is pining for her favorite time of year and, although it doesn't feature any FAETeam members, her "Once Upon a Halloween Night..." treasury will make you pine for this darkly beautiful night, too!

Jen of JensMark, who is happily making her mark on the world of art, takes time out to examine one of the beauties of the deep in her "Sea Shell, Sea Shell, By the Sea Shore" treasury, featuring FaerieKat's Sparkling Strands from the Sea Charm Necklace Handmade on Etsy:

Jennifer of WearableByDesign, an award-winning emporium of silver and gems that will make you drool in public, enfolds us in the "Cool, [gentle/genteel] colors of summer" in her "Summer Cooler" treasury featuring FaerieKat's Faerie Folder with Writing Pad Handmade on Etsy - As Green as Absinthe:

Tracy of mztracyr designs, jewelry designed with you in mind, fell in love with "The Colors of Red..." and her red hot treasury features Aquariann's seductive red-haired Tree Fairy . fantasy art pinback button:

Shane of ShaneKelly, an award winning photojournalist, went looking for "DIVINE INSPIRATION - TOP PICKS" (originally entitled "Uniquely Beautiful") and created a "treasury of uniquely beautiful items made by some inspired Etsy artists." Featured is FaerieKat's Frosty Aqua Sea Glass Ring Handmade on Etsy (but you definitely have to check out the "Bogwater Bouquet" and all its relatives!):

Which brings us to our final entry from Tina of HandmadeMom, who knows how to have fun making stuff (and it shows!), who knows there's a home for just about everyone, and who made a fantasy lover's "Welcome Home" treasury featuring DebsDetails' Fairy House metalic outdoor decor in golden hues:

May this weekend find that your heart and your home are together in one place, and if not, may your heart be your home til your own wee faerie dwelling and it are united.

Faerie blessings to all!


  1. Too many amazing creations all in one post! My head is spinning!!! Once again, Kat, your are a Mistress of Words! Thank you for your time!!

  2. Your blog is just incredible. I'm a great lover of fantasy and couldn't be more honored to have my treasury included amongst these gorgeous collections. Thanks so much,

  3. like thumbing through a delicious magazine!

  4. Wow, there's such talent on Etsy, FAE or not. Amazing treasuries!!